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Joe Rogan | Entertainment Has to be Diverse Now w/Jim Gaffigan

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, August 14, 2019
  • Taken from JRE #1335 w/Jim Gaffigan:
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  • Coach Sergio Sanchez

    Coach Sergio Sanchez

     21 days ago

    but its racist you have to have a black, gay, lezbo, or woman as the the strong boss it has to be that the last 5 years now

  • Coach Sergio Sanchez

    Coach Sergio Sanchez

     21 days ago

    look at all black cast movies there great movies no diversity who cares

  • Coach Sergio Sanchez

    Coach Sergio Sanchez

     21 days ago

    what about BET thats not racist we dont have a only white channel balcks are always included man they will always complain till they nuke this country and we have clean fresh start fuckin America

  • Richard Carte

    Richard Carte

     2 months ago

    Yes we are stupid, but only because we choose to be.

  • David Fraser

    David Fraser

     2 months ago

    This is why I feel drawn to films made around 2005 and before. Nothing beats lethal weapon, die hard, saving private ryan etc. You didn't feel the agenda. I recently started watching taken (new TV series) on amazon. They just force an agenda on you.

  • Michael Stevens

    Michael Stevens

     2 months ago

    I like his point about waiting for this diversity madness to be over.

  • Thomas Korn

    Thomas Korn

     2 months ago

    the main goal for society is unity. One cannot reach for diversity and Unity.. they contradict each other.

  • That Dude U Hate

    That Dude U Hate

     2 months ago

    Anyone who thinks of social issues and identity politics while watching a movie isn't a true film fan in my eyes. They're a problem.

  • King Hell

    King Hell

     2 months ago

    MCU's Norse gods - super 'diverse'. MCU's made up African nation Wakanda - Black ethnostate.
    Just one small example of how 'progressive' ideals are one big, stupid contradiction presently.

  • Tree Surgeon

    Tree Surgeon

     2 months ago

    When they say "diversity" they really mean homogeny of opinion.

  • steve mcquen

    steve mcquen

     2 months ago +1

    Bullshit, we want good stories, great characters, great entertainment, not people judging how many races and minorities have to be in each movie, character or story. That is the death of art...

  • brushfyr


     2 months ago

    I think a lot of left leaning people are shocked by this. But I remember as a kid the phrase "Dead white men" was there to ignore great white men in science or literature. Because some black crack head in Boston is more important to American history then Mark Twain.

    I remember a rerun of All in the Family where Mike was being passed over for a promotion so a black man could get it. The black guy had a speech about how great it is he gets the job because blacks have had it so bad, so treating black adult like special needs children is fine.

    Blacks are only 13% of the population, do they really need to be a major character in every movie and show? I think Jim and Joe are both delusional because they think this will go away. They think they're good white guys, so the left won't stone them.

    The angry lesbian who had a Netflix special that was NOT a comedy special said there are no good men. Because some men rape all men are responsible. Jim and Joe are logical men, they do no understandwomen, and many PoC men, are irrational. That's why women and blacks don't succeed as much in the West, and why African nations are shitholes. Irrational people can not function well. But when they fail and they see white and Asian men who are able to act rationally and not emotionally they can't understand why screaming doesn't work.

  • thebees knees

    thebees knees

     2 months ago

    I do like the uprise of diversity and more repsention. However its usually very forced and doesn't really help minorities because that's all they are aloud to be

  • LSB


     2 months ago +1

    SJW's and most peoples of color are AT LEAST as racist as any white. The only difference is they are fucking liar hypocrites about it and can't look at themselves.

  • R. Fowler

    R. Fowler

     2 months ago +1

    Ya that would be great Joe, except it's not just about the race of another person. The culture, religious beliefs, societal norms all come with that person and some cultures are just plain better than others. This is the reason people are against this push of multiculturalism in the United States. We need some semblance of a shared identity within our country, and immigrants (legal and illegal) are coming here and never even attempt to learn English. Look at some areas of the UK. They've been letting in anyone and now entire cities are taken over by muslims. Leftists want to see that here in the States, and it's our job to prevent that from happening.

  • Meh Tell

    Meh Tell

     2 months ago

    Being bigoted against white people is racism.

  • Tom Guadalupe

    Tom Guadalupe

     2 months ago

    If they simply did what they said it would be fine, they claimed to want to have everyone be included.

    Now that they are getting what they want they make it clear that they don't want whites around, it was never about inclusion or equality it was about having whites put their guard down.

    Also fuck joe for dodging the issue like usual, it is not about people being upset about indians or chinese, they are upset about white people.

  • Roger [kirby] Waters

    Roger [kirby] Waters

     2 months ago

    Uhhhh likeee.....uhhhh.....likeeee..

  • phl m

    phl m

     2 months ago

    Its called Toronto Canada

  • The One Who Knocks

    The One Who Knocks

     2 months ago

    Jim Gaffigan saying there’s an imbalance in Hollywood to try and save face is hilarious lmao