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Joe Rogan | Entertainment Has to be Diverse Now w/Jim Gaffigan

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, August 14, 2019
  • Taken from JRE #1335 w/Jim Gaffigan:
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  • Tokes Alotta

    Tokes Alotta

     5 days ago +651

    They call it diversity, but really they mean less whitey

  • Bicloptic


     5 days ago +454

    It's called racism. They don't see people, they see skin color. These critics are racist.

  • nathan hensn

    nathan hensn

     5 days ago +360

    Forcing diversity and not subjectively judging talent is true racism.

  • Melanie Brodie

    Melanie Brodie

     5 days ago +294

    An imbalance??? Anyone who watches the mainstream stations would think that the country is at least 70% people of color and 50% of them are gay! WTF?!?!

  • Mike P

    Mike P

     5 days ago +193

    Why are the anti racists the ones who are so focused on what color people's skin is ?

  • TigerStrike728


     5 days ago +320

    I remember watching a cellphone commercial with a white girl driving, Hispanic girl in the front seat, and and Asian and Black girl in the back seat. They felt the need to represent every race in the scene. It's just so forced these days. Every Target commercial has one of every race like better not offend anyone. Everyone so scared now.

  • Trollol Police

    Trollol Police

     5 days ago +183

    funny how the Irish all of a sudden are considered just "white", even thought they were colonized and oppressed by the saxons, and when they came to America they were marginalized again by said anglo saxons lol.

  • Dale Lane

    Dale Lane

     5 days ago +92

    I don’t understand how diversity (eg transgender children) can be inserted into 90% of story lines when in most ppls lives we come across them in maybe 1% of social situations?

  • Big Crunch

    Big Crunch

     5 days ago +259

    It's called cultural Marxism yo. And it has invaded everything.

  • Shadow Man

    Shadow Man

     5 days ago +257

    The more the far left forces diversity and multiculturalism, the harder the pushback is going to be. Ultimately, the push back is going to lead to a divided society, segregation and racism.

  • cipriano lopez

    cipriano lopez

     5 days ago +201

    Story should matter not race or gender or religion

  • Nemesis T-Type

    Nemesis T-Type

     5 days ago +112

    This type of Hollywood mindset will collapse the movie and tv industry. Far too many IPs have been tainted by SJWs.

  • marx sorento

    marx sorento

     5 days ago +122

    the agendas are very annoying

  • Ryan Smith

    Ryan Smith

     5 days ago +72

    Movies/TV shows are now judged based on the amount of diversity, not it’s true content, which is a shame

  • Sean Davis

    Sean Davis

     5 days ago +99

    Diversity and Inclusion is killing everything

  • BoomMoob


     5 days ago +133

    People involve race into everything nowadays.. and that’s coming from a south Asian living in USA

  • shawn cox

    shawn cox

     5 days ago +39

    The problem is people aren't obsessed with Equality. They are obsessed with RACE. Equality will never come from a Race first agenda.

  • Mike ADHD

    Mike ADHD

     5 days ago +215

    Cant please everyone. Outrage is everywhere

  • Bigboy123


     4 days ago +22

    It isn't about diversity. It never was. It's about taking out whitey.

  • unknown known

    unknown known

     5 days ago +39

    FOrced diversity will inevitably have the opposite effect.