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YO MAMA SO TALL! Baldi's Basics

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  • Published on:  Saturday, July 28, 2018
  • Yo Mama - Baldi jokes by Brody Foxx
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/T_FyoLhuPFQ


  • Just Maddie

    Just Maddie

     a months ago

    Wait if yo mama is stuipid how did she played the computer?

  • bnold


     a months ago

    هذا ضربني عميقا

  • Pedro 1109

    Pedro 1109

     2 months ago

    Yo daddy is so bald he play balds basics bald t

  • Public Interviewer

    Public Interviewer

     2 months ago

    i hate this
    and is sp wtf

  • Olivia Sidoti

    Olivia Sidoti

     2 months ago

    Yo mama so fat that Minecraft couldn't block her

  • AimeeTube 04

    AimeeTube 04

     2 months ago

    Yo Mama So Stupid, she failed preschool!!!

  • Rose And gachagirls

    Rose And gachagirls

     2 months ago

    Yo mama so tall She was bigger then a 60 feet tree

  • Abelardo Asido

    Abelardo Asido

     2 months ago

    Yo mama so old When she Minecraft Not even the skeletons wanted to kill her

  • Kathleen Cantwell

    Kathleen Cantwell

     2 months ago +1

    None of this is original

  • Xster2009 gaming

    Xster2009 gaming

     3 months ago

    Yo mama so tall even the greatest of mountain climbers couldn’t climb her

  • Debbie Pearcey

    Debbie Pearcey

     3 months ago

    Your mama's so ugly when she when she saw Santa Santa said ho ho holy

  • Kellie Flett

    Kellie Flett

     3 months ago

    Your mama so ugly Squirtle couldn’t even drowned her

  • Kellie Flett

    Kellie Flett

     3 months ago

    Yo mama so fat SpongeBob wasn’t even laughing at her

  • Dont_use_condoms_twice


     4 months ago

    Yo mama so old that she’s in the Bible

  • Mylee Clark

    Mylee Clark

     4 months ago

    Baby bendy is adorable

  • sonic kountz1219

    sonic kountz1219

     4 months ago

    yo mama so stupid she thought Godzilla was a lizard for gods

  • Monique Meyer

    Monique Meyer

     4 months ago

    Yo mama so fat that when she played five nights at freddys she sat on bonnie

  • Lupe Tovar

    Lupe Tovar

     4 months ago

    #yo mama

  • FilipBack2015


     4 months ago

    Jor mamma s sofät bicashit almacnonsls

  • Rainy george

    Rainy george

     4 months ago