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BROKE vs PRO Gaming

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  • Published on:  Saturday, August 3, 2019
  • The challenge: buy the most expensive gaming gear on Amazon vs the cheapest setup.Ken's setup - Acer Predator X27 gaming monitor on Amazon: G502 gaming mouse on Amazon: CTRL mechanical keyboard: A40 gaming headset on Amazon:'s setup - Sceptre E248W monitor on Amazon: M602 gaming mouse on Amazon: RK100 "gaming" keyboard on Amazon: gaming headset on Amazon: using our Amazon affiliate links, you help to support the channel as we may receive compensation for purchases through those links.Check out our new channel!!
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  • BloopTamer


     7 days ago +1323

    My set up:
    Ski mask
    Duffel bag
    .45 Calliber Gun

  • Cal


     5 days ago +182

    I remember back in like 2015, and on CoD, if you had a SCUFF controller and turtle beach headphones you were considered cool.

  • fella.


     5 days ago +143

    This man actually spent 1600 dollars on a 144 hz monitor when you can get a 240 hz monitor for 500$

  • Its_Just _Smiff

    Its_Just _Smiff

     6 days ago +98

    Ken: Spends $2,000, doesn’t hurt his wallet
    Me: Spends $500 on gaming equipment. Becomes homeless

  • Cromer lel

    Cromer lel

     6 days ago +335

    My set up:
    -piece of potato
    -chair made of pillows
    -mini fan

  • Kamal Hashem

    Kamal Hashem

     7 days ago +5700

    MY setup

  • Blu Scout

    Blu Scout

     4 days ago +44

    All these comments about other peoples setup got me dying

  • Hurricane Florence

    Hurricane Florence

     7 days ago +359

    All that money spent just to play Overwatch LMFAOOOOO

  • Gman


     4 days ago +111

    My setup
    Dining Table
    2015 IPad
    Earbuds off Ali express

  • CarthagoMike


     yesterday +3

    always find the golden mean between price and useage.
    and no, that isn't an average
    by the way, nice love live t-shirt

  • Yui Blossom

    Yui Blossom

     14 days ago +1187

    Cause he's a weeb.
    - Austin 2019

  • Littylyfe


     6 days ago +160

    11 seconds in the video * gets ruined because he pulls out here same headphones u have and calls em cheap*😢

  • e-Xtreme Gaming

    e-Xtreme Gaming

     7 days ago +142

    My Set up:-
    - $250 laptop with Celeron processor and 4 GB RAM
    - $1 earphones
    - $4 keyboard
    - $3 mouse
    Life is good. ❤️

  • Yello Lello

    Yello Lello

     yesterday +5

    Now lets look at the cheap gaming keyboards:
    Proceeds to pull out my EXACT keyboard model
    Me: -_-

  • Notso normal

    Notso normal

     2 days ago +3

    My setup
    Potato with wires sticking out for connection really classy I must say and a piece of watermelon as a controler

  • Daniel Yahalom

    Daniel Yahalom

     14 days ago +3489

    "I watch linus tech tips religiously and I learned that skill is optional"
    -Austin Evans, future member of LTT's blacklist

  • Will Crowe

    Will Crowe

     yesterday +2

    You know it's bad when your keyboard gets featured on the broke one 😂

  • iRuthless


     yesterday +2

    alright i’m just gonna say it here, i have a pretty decent setup.
    Dell Membrane Keyboard
    Gaming laptop (GTX 1060)
    Logitech G403 Prodigy
    Hitachi 32 inch tv
    old desk
    chair that is comfortable
    apple earphones

  • Daniel Parra

    Daniel Parra

     23 hours ago +1

    My setup:
    A cheep turtle beach mic
    Default Xbox controller
    A couch we got for $25 in a garage sale
    And a 4K tv

  • Yoyoshi14


     6 days ago +104

    My setup:
    - a bed
    - magnum condoms
    - dragon strapon
    - Minecraft