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I Used To Breakdance To Impress Girls

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  • Published on:  Sunday, July 29, 2018
  • This is the greatest breakdance mating dance of All Time
  • Source: https://youtu.be/To8WwtHoQ8Y


  • Robbe Moortgat

    Robbe Moortgat

     7 hours ago

    Breakdancers would make very good actors to play a demon in a horror movie.

  • Axfer


     5 days ago

    We need to see more of your breakdancing..

  • Stella Bu

    Stella Bu

     21 days ago

    imagine charlie without the fuckiin beard

  • Pee Fister

    Pee Fister

     21 days ago +1

    i need to see that vid of charlie slowly head spinning.

  • Pepsi is better than Sprite

    Pepsi is better than Sprite

     21 days ago

    That title made me think “Ah yes N A T U R A L L Y

  • LEGO Yoda

    LEGO Yoda

     21 days ago

    Watto is looking down at him proudly

  • Don't Read My Profile Picture

    Don't Read My Profile Picture

     21 days ago

    Category : Gaming

  • Communist Cuber

    Communist Cuber

     21 days ago

    P bone

  • Uygar Alp Tekin

    Uygar Alp Tekin

     21 days ago

    She called you rad you have to find her again and marry her

  • Verb CornMuffin

    Verb CornMuffin

     21 days ago +1

    If he had more room, he’s not too bad

  • angery bird

    angery bird

     21 days ago

    now that i can see your height in comparison to a door, don't be ashamed of your height. as much. you're at least a few inches taller than me.

  • Bongolo Boy

    Bongolo Boy

     1 months ago

    I lost my ability to be an alpha male after Charlie started breakdancing

  • Coyote Bree

    Coyote Bree

     1 months ago

    Dance in every video and I’ll be your promoter



     1 months ago

    I preferred when he snorted crack at 1:00:00

  • xero


     1 months ago

    1:55 that was fucking epic

  • Anonymuskid


     1 months ago

    1:45 i dont know why, but your breakdanceclip there spoke to me smh. had the same atmosphere like sleeping over at ur best friends house as a child and doing stupid shit

  • Pete H

    Pete H

     1 months ago

    Your dad is a trooper

  • Erbferb Letcherferb

    Erbferb Letcherferb

     1 months ago

    They need to make this dance in fortnite so it is truly uncool

  • ygsr


     1 months ago

    Your routine is very cool and therefore can't be improved.

  • Chad XD

    Chad XD

     1 months ago

    You’re actually awesome