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The Failure of Fyre Festival

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  • Published on:  Sunday, October 29, 2017
  • The story of Fyre Festival, an event so bad the organiser is probably going to jail.Patreon:"don't leave me here alone" - Artificial.Music ( media, images and music respective to owner(s).
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  • Clown Baby

    Clown Baby

     9 months ago +8935

    LOL they paid $1,200 for a refugee camp experience.

  • RicksterThe Gunslinger

    RicksterThe Gunslinger

     2 months ago +3089

    U P D A T E : Billy got arrested on October 8, 2018 and is serving 6 years In prison for wire fraud

  • Michael Atanasio

    Michael Atanasio

     3 months ago +3201

    The worst part? Blatant classism. The celebs got warning, the plebs were put in danger in a foreign land.

  • poisenbery


     6 months ago +3931

    $500 all expenses paid 2 week trip to the bahamas holy balls dude.
    That vacation package is literally cheaper than my 1 bedroom apartment in california.
    No wonder it sold out

  • Kelsey Robinson

    Kelsey Robinson

     3 months ago +1121

    Billy McFarlane is so mediocre. He looks like a video game player character preset in a game about frat boys.

  • Cybermat47


     a years ago +3612

    “Once owned by Pablo Escobar.”
    Haven’t been this excited since I went to Osama bin Laden’s cave.

  • Augie Spendley

    Augie Spendley

     3 months ago +4615

    Broke: Netflix documentary
    Also Broke: Hulu documentary
    Woke: Internet Historian documentary

  • Parker Faux

    Parker Faux

     3 months ago +642

    i think i read a book about this in english class
    it was called "lord of the flies" or something

  • JulyIsgamerpridemonthlol


     2 months ago +276

    People: hungry, angry, and tired
    Administration: lets give them liquor

  • Allister Moore

    Allister Moore

     2 months ago +244

    that person's utterly defeated, disappointing voice saying "oh no turn this bus right around" made me laugh so hard i practically cracked a rib

  • candiigurl7893


     a years ago +8807

    "...we got hit by a big storm."
    A storm called "Failure".

  • Fuzzthefurr


     6 months ago +840

    About two years later, Netflix AND Hulu rip you off. Tsh. Typical.

  • Marcin Skrobański

    Marcin Skrobański

     2 months ago +236

    why billy didn't just buy more money?

  • Smug Hat Kid

    Smug Hat Kid

     3 months ago +429

    The legendary piss-smelling, deflated ball pit from Dashcon, hahahahaha. 😂😂

  • oldspice051


     3 months ago +89

    For anyone who hasn't seen the documentaries yet, Billy was later arrested after attempting to con more people one last time with phone scams.

  • Smoked Messias

    Smoked Messias

     1 months ago +131

    McFarland was sentenced to six years in federal prison.
    He is incarcerated at FCI Otisville, in Orange County, New York.

  • Ikcatcher


     4 months ago +210

    I’m legit watching this hours before my PR exam which is going to have an essay on Fyre Festival

  • Yaiba_SC_Fox


     3 months ago +111

    Woodstock 99: Is the worst festival of all time
    Frye Festival: HOLD MY BEER

  • Steven Killeen

    Steven Killeen

     2 months ago +45

    Where'd you learn about Fyre Festival?
    Disposable income bourgeoisie - Netflix
    Normie American - Hulu
    More Rick than Morty intellectual - Internet Historian

  • Diversity Is Our Strength

    Diversity Is Our Strength

     a years ago +3437

    By far the best season of survivor