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Angry Cat at the Vet - Fractious Cat Restraint

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  • Published on:  Friday, July 20, 2012
  • Megan, CVT, VTS (ECC) and Sarah (assistant) wrangle Max, a very grumpy cat who is in the ER for an exam and diagnostics. Megan gives some tips on handling aggressive and fractious cats.

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  • Paul Petrokov

    Paul Petrokov

     2 hours ago

    Can someone please tell me what the appeal is to owning a cat like this? I don't see one.

  • Timetodiddl


     4 hours ago

    5:21 😂😂😂

  • Rae Lynne

    Rae Lynne

     7 hours ago

    Watching the beginning of the video and sees how the cat is eyeballing her from inside the carrier.

    Me: “You’ve been marked for death...”

  • Grandpa Bill

    Grandpa Bill

     7 hours ago +1

    I’m gonna get that muzzle for my cat Idk what to do with that thing he try’s eating me and my dogs I left my house for a moment to get a box all my dogs can go out front with out walking off but one time my dog had 1 puppy I had no clue until she had the puppy and I left her baby in the house when they when out front and I walk back in a my cat had the baby in his mouth and when I tried to take the puppy he dropped the puppy and got dominant and latched on to my arm idk what to do with that thing. Btw the puppy was 4 weeks and weaned from her mother and for anyone getting mad at me for not having my dogs fixed she was going to the vet like the day after she gave birth to get fixed and the the puppy in a Chihuahua miniature pincher spaniel mix I think I’m not sure but my two male dogs were fixed so I think it was my brothers male spaniel who was also getting fixed at the same vet the same day my brother drops his dog of when he needs to go to work and I accidentally let them in my yard together but thought nothing of it and my cousin has the puppy now she had not show of being pregnant ether so it was odd

  • Ms Thraxan

    Ms Thraxan

     10 hours ago

    8:48 dude that sound is TERRIFYING. If you heard that in a dark alley, I'm gone!

  • Eva O

    Eva O

     12 hours ago

    Great job! Clearly very skilled professionals. I had a very difficult calico who would turn into a crazy violent demon at the Vet. I am so impressed with the confidence and ease of these ladies in handling this tough guy.

  • OpenMinded Doll

    OpenMinded Doll

     13 hours ago

    He so cute awe

  • Otpyrc Ralph Pierre

    Otpyrc Ralph Pierre

     14 hours ago

    14 pounds and losing weight? Wow.
    What was the diagnosis?

  • a depressed cat

    a depressed cat

     22 hours ago

    I got token to the vet as well. It was terribble

  • iska788


     23 hours ago

    I am sorry but that nurse helping the lady is really really cute !

  • i Tried

    i Tried


    would this lady just shut up

  • The GenXican

    The GenXican


    Cops need to use these techniques on Black Friday shoppers...js.

  • Dam’s animal

    Dam’s animal


    Ça peut-être utile pour nous en France ça

  • Nora Qudus

    Nora Qudus



  • Shadow Crow

    Shadow Crow


    5:20 😂 meoooooww

  • Baba Semka

    Baba Semka


    Man, this shit is stressful...

  • Purry Furry

    Purry Furry


    So gorgeous! 🐱🐱

  • The Horse Stable Channel

    The Horse Stable Channel


    NOT....... a sweet KITTY.......

  • Vicki C

    Vicki C

     2 days ago

    My cat fights me when I’m trying to get her in her carrier, and when I manage to grab her, she lets me have it with her claws, so I’m going to try the blanket technique. Thanks for sharing!

  • Brian notafan

    Brian notafan

     2 days ago +1

    all the dogs at the vet are sayin W T F ill take my shot now get me outta here!