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VET VISIT GONE WRONG!!! cat attacks veterinarian

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  • Published on:  Saturday, January 28, 2017
  • Extremely aggressive cat at the vet... copper is giving the vet a hard time
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  • leungbabe



    6:44 copper is pissed!! Lolll

  • Krystal Russell

    Krystal Russell

     yesterday +1

    This is why cats aren't the only ones mad at the vet.

  • Jody Carter

    Jody Carter


    CAT: I'm about to educate you on how to properly tear the SHIT out of somebody!!!!😼

  • Drake Way

    Drake Way


    I'm sorry but if you cant take ur pet to the vet for it's own health get rid of it no human deserves this at work it's no pay that is worth this and everybody still talking nice fuck this

  • what the

    what the

     2 days ago

    Misleading title. Nothing happens

  • Rachel Watkins

    Rachel Watkins

     2 days ago

    That poor cat is just so scared 😞

  • Jason Bladzinski

    Jason Bladzinski

     2 days ago

    My cat growls at the vet, but no matter how angry he gets at them, he never gets mad at me. He usually retreats to me, trying to hide from the vet by burying into my chest or shoulder. He would never bite or scratch me.

  • Macie Brady

    Macie Brady

     2 days ago

    My cat is the sweetest cat in the world but you take him to the vet and all hell breaks loose

  • Lilyan Batch

    Lilyan Batch

     3 days ago

    I don’t blame the cat. Those nurses are extremely irritating

  • Maha Hakim

    Maha Hakim

     3 days ago

    Poor cat he is stressed but vet should know how to calm the cat better.

  • OntCanGuy


     4 days ago

    Full body armour required with this one.

  • Jesus Nodal

    Jesus Nodal

     4 days ago

    That is one pissed pussy cat!!!!

  • Branko V

    Branko V

     4 days ago

    1:24 perfect, beautiful teeth 😄😄😄😄

  • islamic school of meme studies

    islamic school of meme studies

     5 days ago

    The Guy was shitting himself yet those 2 girls vets are playing with his cat. Honestly that cat want to kill all of them. Side notes : that car might have traumatic experience after this.

  • Eugi Uva

    Eugi Uva

     5 days ago

    Very brave women. My respect.

  • Carlos Monterroso

    Carlos Monterroso

     5 days ago

    I hate cats

  • bella0418


     5 days ago

    My cat is the same way, she hates the veterinarian

  • Sierra Foxall

    Sierra Foxall

     6 days ago +1

    Actually they handle it quite bad tho

  • Kimberly Vasquez

    Kimberly Vasquez

     6 days ago

    l love cats

  • I Hate people

    I Hate people

     7 days ago

    I'd stomp a muthole in this demon cat