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Most Savage Sports Highlights on Youtube (S01E01)

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  • Published on:  Friday, March 23, 2018
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  • Joshua Keith

     1 years ago

    2:45 made me laugh soo hard xD

  • Camron Weatherford

     11 days ago

    @Nick Lemus Same bruh

  • Camron Weatherford

     11 days ago

    It looks like he gon get a nasty face plant or a heck off a scorpion poor guy the face I bet he had when he got up

  • Mr. Fluidity Here

     1 years ago

    Someone hire him for ESPN's 30 for 30 episodes

  • opugilist

     3 days ago

    He just needs to replace ESPN.

  • The Algerian

     25 days ago

    This video right here couldn't be as good if it were on ESPN.Most of the footage he uses in this video are from other networks, that would never fly.

  • omi Mar

     1 years ago

    Tyson was a monster... Good work 💼

  • Tejpal Singh

     12 months ago

    I already feel exhausted by just thinking about the time and effort put in this vid... respect💯💯🙌

  • Ryan

     8 months ago

    You have no idea how much goosebumps i got watching this video

  • Troy Koester

     1 years ago

    Ali vs foreman at the end is so fitting

  • Margaret Miller

     1 years ago

    1. I have NEVER watched 22 minutes of anything on youtube.2. I have NEVER hit the subscribe button.This was worth it. Excellence Mr. Vincent!

  • John Legler

     9 months ago

    Very excellent film I felt like I was watching a sports history documentary. You earned my like and subscription.

  • 48Dodger

     1 years ago

    I saw the Ali/Foreman fight with my Dad when I was a kid....I watched the USA Hockey team win it against the USSR with my Dad....I watched this whole video and thought mostly of my Dad. Its funny how I thought, at the time, I just witnessed the best game or whatever.....but really it was my Dad.....I remember how my Dad and I laughed and cheered, how we consoled each other with the ever useful "we'll get'em next time"... I watch these old sports clips, and see my 1994 we went to the...

  • Blue face Is trash

     17 days ago

    scott mcnally fuck off you stupid bitch

  • Robert Sandstorm

     1 months ago

    ok... didnt know i was gonna ever cry over a youtube video.... but i did... reading in the mist of rocky time between me and my dad didnt help either....... or maybe it did???

  • jmiraculousbeatz prod

     1 years ago

    This is the definition of EPIC!!!!!!! Amazing work....