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Printing ABS with an open frame 3D printer?

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, October 16, 2018
  • People are often asking in comments how I print ABS on open frame 3D printers. For many prints, producing them in ABS is just a matter of upping the bed and nozzle temps and turning off the cooling fan. Other models, however, are destined to failure.

    In this guide, I explore ABS printing successes and failures, and explain why ABS can be so difficult to print using some custom animations.

    -ABS needs 240+ for nozzle and 100 for bed.
    -Fan to be turned off except for bridging, etc.
    -Shrinkage occurs on thick/solid objects due to the uneven cooling causing the cooler areas to contract.
    -This results in a lifted base and/or splitting between layers.
    -The best way to overcome this is to raise ambient temps with an enclosure.
    -Otherwise you are limited to printing models with thin or narrow sections.
    -ABS is mainly useful for prints that need to withstand higher temperatures.
    -ABS can be acetone smoothed!
    -ABS releases potentially harmful particles into the air where PLA does not.
    -PETG is a good substitute for ABS.

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