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The Chad Gamer

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  • Published on:  Saturday, July 13, 2019
  • This is the greatest gamer flirting of All Time
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  • Kool Beans

    Kool Beans

     11 hours ago

    Tip to everyone out there, never bring a girl home to meet your mom that early

  • Kool Beans

    Kool Beans

     11 hours ago

    Joey actually got the puss. My man

  • Bermuda Inc

    Bermuda Inc

     15 hours ago

    this is such an amazing video lol

  • Natanel Davidoff

    Natanel Davidoff

     18 hours ago

    Joey is a PlayStation gamer. Just sayin

  • Cal


     23 hours ago

    So this is the result of putting all my stats in charisma and strength

  • danhi333



    2:17 This dude is literally Kathy Bates

  • Ben Pram

    Ben Pram

     3 days ago

    its guild wars 2

  • Hitai


     3 days ago

    "do you even have Mountaintop?" i am grinding for mountaintop as he said that

  • shaggy_is_thicc


     4 days ago

    Joey looks like a bootleg Rivers Cuomo

  • Le Ghostface

    Le Ghostface

     5 days ago

    Don't go to yo mamas house for a date if you are over 18 please

  • creme


     6 days ago +1

    this guy looks like Jared from subway

  • Hisao Nakai

    Hisao Nakai

     6 days ago

    i wish i could be as chad as joey

  • Johannes Eliasson

    Johannes Eliasson

     7 days ago

    What an absolute Chad

  • insert name here

    insert name here

     7 days ago

    Joe is a pussy slayer

  • Random Khajiit

    Random Khajiit

     7 days ago

    What an og. Im only half as good at casual convo. Making me feel weak

  • Maciej Tyczyński

    Maciej Tyczyński

     7 days ago +2

    Wow, and he didn't even have to ask what mental illnes she would like to have!

  • Bicth


     7 days ago +1

    and incels be like "I can't get girls cause I look like a dweeb and I'm a gamer"

  • ArmedSquid37


     7 days ago

    Dude gets more action then me

  • Sassy Unicorn34

    Sassy Unicorn34

     7 days ago

    1:41 is that gave neul?

  • Ciaran Sweet

    Ciaran Sweet

     7 days ago

    Charlie: changes volume with youtube slider
    Me: "But that's illegal..."