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An Honest Life Update: Moving & The Future

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  • Published on:  Friday, November 2, 2018
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  • Aedan Orr

    Aedan Orr

     9 months ago +1176

    I wish Shane wasn’t so insecure, it makes me sad cause he’s amazing

  • Nyrhtak Ingar

    Nyrhtak Ingar

     8 months ago +1775

    Everyone’s saying there here because Shane is gone, I’m here because I genuinely love ryland’s channel as well.

  • Wet Moth

    Wet Moth

     6 months ago +601

    I have mad respect for Ryland. He seems really genuine and is a good example of how to not be a bitch about other people’s feelings

  • Bailey Pape

    Bailey Pape

     4 months ago +285

    And now they're engaged!!! 🥰🙌🥂

  • Harmoni Marie

    Harmoni Marie

     8 months ago +726

    if this relationship doesn’t work out i don’t know what i would do tbh

  • Tianna Elizalde

    Tianna Elizalde

     9 months ago +7111

    When ryland said "i want a pig" i figured shane would have said "you already have one" missed opportunity

  • Mystarangel


     7 months ago +317

    24:50 "We love each other enough to want to fight that fight" -Ryland Adams, 2018

  • Lovin9Lives


     8 months ago +446

    "do you think we're gonna have k-"
    "kids, ya"
    GOALLSSSS!!!!<3 i love that confidence in answer some people are so hestitant when it comes to these topics with their partner because they would rather hold their tounge instead of risking losing/offending their partner

  • L S

    L S

     8 months ago +151

    I can feel Shane’s anxiety through the screen and that makes me sad :(((

  • Sweet Vanilla Bean

    Sweet Vanilla Bean

     7 months ago +218

    Talking about how he wants Shane alive....he wants them in rocking chairs when they are old.....starts shopping for cute rocking chairs lmao

  • Olivia Harmon

    Olivia Harmon

     6 months ago +247

    shane: do you think we’re gonna have- never mind
    ryland: kids? yeah, 2 ..

  • Maggi Korn

    Maggi Korn

     4 months ago +163

    Anyone watching this after the proposal!!??

  • Shauna Tomblinson

    Shauna Tomblinson

     7 months ago +105

    Shane only wearing a robe for the past four months is my life

  • Benefita Putra

    Benefita Putra

     8 months ago +149

    30:11 Shane realizes he's happy and content remembering the times he wasn't earlier on in life



     9 months ago +2823

    Rare footage of Shane wearing a different shirt

  • Tammy Nguyen

    Tammy Nguyen

     8 months ago +266

    tbh I just want them to be married already anyone else or just me?

  • Irish R

    Irish R

     4 months ago +59

    ok but ryland & shane's relationship gives me hope that im gonna have my own ryland who loves me despite my anxieties and insecurities. if only more people appreciate ryland for what he is than loving him bc he's with shane, my heart will be happy. ily both x

  • GameTimeWithLayla


     6 months ago +80

    I think because they are so open with each other they stay together

  • Bailey Renae

    Bailey Renae

     8 months ago +67

    I feel so bad for Shane he’s so amazing but he thinks he’s fat like he needs to treasure his life and keep being amazing and love his self❤️

  • FaithIn TheReins

    FaithIn TheReins

     9 months ago +5026

    I don’t think Shane realizes how handsome he really is