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An Honest Life Update: Moving & The Future

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  • Published on:  Friday, November 2, 2018
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  • FaithIn TheReins

     7 months ago

    I don’t think Shane realizes how handsome he really is

  • Amelie Mahoney

     4 days ago


  • Ktoś Ważny

     4 days ago

    He was at his best in like 2015-2016, he was so handsome back then.

  • Nyrhtak Ingar

     6 months ago

    Everyone’s saying there here because Shane is gone, I’m here because I genuinely love ryland’s channel as well.

  • Mr.Cringe Kid

     4 days ago


  • Paula LM Stahlecker

     5 days ago


  • Leanne Gibbs

     7 months ago

    Can't lie. Am watching this video because I miss shane

  • Mohdhanis Baharudin

     8 days ago

    And rylan. And their relationships.

  • Breana King

     12 days ago


  • Wet Moth

     4 months ago

    I have mad respect for Ryland. He seems really genuine and is a good example of how to not be a bitch about other people’s feelings

  • Jennifer Garcia

     16 days ago

    And to think that he was less affectionate before Shane (been said in previous videos); crazy how love with the right person can change a person

  • Gloria Silva Moreno

     1 months ago

    Wet Moth right I feel like he’s so pure and such a grounded person

  • Maggi Korn

     3 months ago

    Anyone watching this after the proposal!!??

  • Michaela Barker

     6 days ago



     2 months ago

    Maggi Korn yup

  • Tianna Elizalde

     7 months ago

    When ryland said "i want a pig" i figured shane would have said "you already have one" missed opportunity

  • Matilda Laubscher

     1 months ago

    Me too!!!

  • Miko Fusco

     3 months ago

    Low hanging fruit.

  • Harmoni Marie

     7 months ago

    if this relationship doesn’t work out i don’t know what i would do tbh

  • Sam 101

     2 months ago

    Tiffany Vega oh hell no

  • Emberli Alegria

     2 months ago

    @Rachaelreese Holmes they aren't married they're engaged lol

  • Mystarangel

     5 months ago

    24:50 "We love each other enough to want to fight that fight" -Ryland Adams, 2018

  • Lovin9Lives

     6 months ago

    "do you think we're gonna have k-" "kids, ya""HUH""two" GOALLSSSS!!!!<3 i love that confidence in answer some people are so hestitant when it comes to these topics with their partner because they would rather hold their tounge instead of risking losing/offending their partner

  • Go trip over A knife

     3 months ago

    So sweet!! They finish each others fish sandwiches!!

  • Olivia Harmon

     4 months ago

    shane: do you think we’re gonna have- never mindryland: kids? yeah, 2 ..