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Simone Biles Completes Her Incredibly Difficult Balance Beam Routine | Summer Champions Series

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, August 21, 2018
  • Simone Biles with an almost perfect finish in her balance beam routine at U.S. Gymnastics Championships as part of the Team USA Summer Champions Series presented by Xfinity.
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  • Sonia Marielle Reyes

    Sonia Marielle Reyes

     11 months ago +10295

    I can’t even walk in a straight line

  • Skeptical but open

    Skeptical but open

     11 months ago +3939

    I tripped walking up the steps today.

  • Be Quiet

    Be Quiet

     11 months ago +6387

    I mentally fell 5 times just watching that!

  • Céhad Dunebuggy

    Céhad Dunebuggy

     11 months ago +4043

    Hopefully she can maintain this greatness to 2020.

  • TheRavenWithoutWings


     11 months ago +3453

    Her athleticism and focus is undeniable. It's not difficult to see why so many people admire her skills and talent. I'm so proud that she represents the country I call home.

  • danceballetacro


     11 months ago +2976

    she was amazing- CAN WE JUST TALK ABOUT HOW BEAUTIFUL THAT LEO IS?!?!?!?! It reminds me of an iceskating costume

  • Sasha sevel

    Sasha sevel

     11 months ago +1770

    did any one else realise that she wasn't properly in sync with the screen/TV??

  • fopifop fopifop

    fopifop fopifop

     11 months ago +1401

    She’s not Human

  • dasilverwelshman


     11 months ago +1261

    Takes a year off, comes back kicking butt like it’s no big deal!
    Team Biles all the way! 🙌🏼

  • Caroline Ash

    Caroline Ash

     11 months ago +1126

    -Tim Daggett

  • Icarrus Legrand

    Icarrus Legrand

     11 months ago +1035

    So strong and so consistent! That's a champion!

  • Siiri Laasio

    Siiri Laasio

     11 months ago +685

    Her leotard is gorgeousss😍

  • Kendal Homewood

    Kendal Homewood

     11 months ago +424

    Watching this just gives me so much anxiety!



     7 months ago +184

    *looks at her legs*😶
    *Looks at mine*😑

  • Nusi


     11 months ago +186

    When you can't even walk without tripping and you see this...

  • Whitney D

    Whitney D

     11 months ago +364

    When she stuck that I literally yelled "OMG MY BABEEEE"



     11 months ago +290

    Go get em Simone.
    You are doing great.

  • Silver Skull

    Silver Skull

     11 months ago +124

    I can’t even walk without tripping...

  • agronderwood


     11 months ago +85

    Nastia announcing makes this even better

  • Jamie Fung

    Jamie Fung

     11 months ago +95

    why is team usa creating all these titles just for simone tho lol
    that being said SHE IS SO GOOD