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This is how you reply to sledging!

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  • Published on:  Thursday, April 27, 2017
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  • mantra vyas

    mantra vyas

     2 days ago

    Never sledge Indian we are calm and cool till somebody sledge us FUCCKER FLINTOFF

  • Prabakar mrm

    Prabakar mrm

     5 days ago

    Broad: why me, it's flintoff😢

  • Rohit kumar

    Rohit kumar

     7 days ago

    Salaa kare koi bhare koi 😂😂Stuart broad

  • Mahia Khan Sharfin

    Mahia Khan Sharfin

     7 days ago

    It's only the side of india.... You cheater u picked up only indian.... And go to hell

  • M Danish Raza

    M Danish Raza

     7 days ago

    Very best moment of yuvraj love from pakistan

  • mn sabi

    mn sabi

     7 days ago


  • Savitha Anand Hanumanthappa

    Savitha Anand Hanumanthappa

     7 days ago

    Take that who try to sledge India

  • daveX Gaming

    daveX Gaming

     7 days ago

    Why can't us Indians and Pakistanis live in peace? The war is over goddamnit, let's be friends? 👭👬👫

  • daveX Gaming

    daveX Gaming

     7 days ago

    The first one was just epic.. Oh James Anderson you are epic!

  • Varsha Shinde

    Varsha Shinde

     14 days ago see

  • Mohsen Malik

    Mohsen Malik

     14 days ago

    This guy clearly supports india

  • Umer Shafiq

    Umer Shafiq

     14 days ago

    Caption should be written as "Indians replying to sledging"

  • Kavita Koranga

    Kavita Koranga

     14 days ago

    Still getting goosebumps 🥰

  • Jon Lee ako

    Jon Lee ako

     21 days ago

    The last seems one seems the sweetest revenge but legend says, that Brit gave the best advice to that player to make history. Give him Best Coach award. haha

  • Sandiri Bharath

    Sandiri Bharath

     21 days ago

    Yuvaraj lo umpire be like aabya bas kar mara hat dok ra ha

  • Sandiri Bharath

    Sandiri Bharath

     21 days ago

    Pak bekari (P) commentry every Indian match agree like



     21 days ago

    Change the thumbline make it how Indians reply on sledging

  • Nehas toilet

    Nehas toilet

     21 days ago

    Explosive Yuvraj blown away Flint .. OFF

  • Wanderer Bird

    Wanderer Bird

     21 days ago

    Moral - Never mess with the Indian Cricketers!

  • Vinayak Vinnu

    Vinayak Vinnu

     28 days ago

    Always yuvi is the best answer (revenge) to broad & flintoff..