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Who Wants To Be A Trillionaire?

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  • Published on:  Friday, October 25, 2019
  • There are millions of asteroids in our solar system. Because some are full of materials that are rare on Earth, they have been valued at stupendous amounts. But the most valuable resource in space may be something that's abundant back on the ground.

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/VGosZWBTF7A


  • ThePinkPanther1982


     6 minutes ago

    Have we not seen how avatar worked out??

  • la calle Ramos

    la calle Ramos

     12 hours ago

    Humas are fuck up .
    They burn the planet supply and now they want to mess space too.
    Worry about how to get to another star becouse in the future we gonna need it

  • Jerome Bullard

    Jerome Bullard

     13 hours ago

    By the time this becomes a reality, a trillion dollars will be the equivalent of a billion dollars. I would hope by the time we are that into space mining, we will no longer have a monetary system.

  • LastSushi


     17 hours ago

    this is the start of space missions bois, finally

  • Mr Mysterious

    Mr Mysterious

     19 hours ago

    Crazy how we cant live like the very few tribes that are left. Life would be so much more simple and happy.

  • Maria Lawson

    Maria Lawson

     19 hours ago

    Who wants to be a trillionaire? Greedy multibillionaires like Bloomberg and Bezoz.



     21 hours ago

    The 1% are gonna fuck up this planet then dip, staying rich with all their space money.

  • Brian Herrera

    Brian Herrera

     21 hours ago

    It’s already too late

  • Boxing 101

    Boxing 101

     22 hours ago

    Elon Musk will get it if its doable

  • Mr Scratch

    Mr Scratch

     22 hours ago

    The PlayStation pad will control everything 😂😂

  • Levon Moore

    Levon Moore

     22 hours ago

    Leave it alone

  • Inachu Ikimasho

    Inachu Ikimasho

     23 hours ago

    This will not happen until we perfect robots to auto mine for us.

  • craig ogunshakin

    craig ogunshakin

     23 hours ago

    Youll be able 2 payfor Jesus Christ 2 doa meet and greet

  • Rich Asian

    Rich Asian

     23 hours ago

    In the future, newlyweds could go honeymoon on the moon itself..

  • Hemant parakh

    Hemant parakh


    Kindly suggest a 50℅ Space Mining scheme

  • Bruce Radford sorry wrong house

    Bruce Radford sorry wrong house


    Sign me up!

  • Myles Jennings

    Myles Jennings

     yesterday +1

    Fly me up I'll jump out with a pickaxe and boom we got unlimited resources

  • Nerds Playhouse

    Nerds Playhouse


    The first trillionaire will NO DOUBT be Elon Musk. He will own Mars. And everything within. He will own Human/AI. Cybernetics. Boring. Hyperloop. Tesla. Neuralink.

    It's innevitable

  • Michael Kruk

    Michael Kruk

     yesterday +1

    Bring back the material, value drops due to the over abundance of said material.... Except everyone is forgetting to think in future terms. Increase the need for the materials, (spacecraft, space stations, lunar bases, etc.) you now drive up the value (materials are very profitable again) and so it goes.

  • Chester Sabajo

    Chester Sabajo


    The only person fit to be a trillionaire is Gautama Siddhartha AKA Buddha