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  • Published on:  Thursday, June 1, 2017
  • Travel to Taipei, Taiwan to experience staying at Asia's popular capsule hotel! Would you stay at Hey Bear Capsule Hotel? Click here to book & see capsule prices: what else Taipei has to offer in this guide I packed with ALL THE BEST SPOTS AND EATERIES! Get your 3-Day Taipei Itinerary here: the video all the way through for questions on price, toilets, where to store bags, etc. Subscribe: on Instagram: Hotel is a popular accommodation in Japan and around Asia. This Heybear Capsule Hotel in Taipei, Taiwan is a MUST-stay if you visit.Sleep in a capsule hotel for a night during your stay in Taiwan! Best type of accommodations for Asia in my opinion. TOO much fun :)Like this video? Please help give it a thumbs up, comment, and share with a friend! Your extra love helps keep this channel going. I appreciate you, thank you dearly.- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -I use Airbnb to stay at cozy homes around the world! Here's $40 free credit to get you started → my full camera gear list: adventures on Instagram: videos on Facebook: up to my free 7-day Youtube course: a month of copyright free music download for your Youtube videos here:*Some links above are affiliate links. Thank you for supporting this channel!
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  • CupofTJ

     8 months ago

    Visiting Taipei? I planned a 3-day foodie itinerary for you & an exclusive map of all the best places to eat. Grab your guide here:

  • X randomness

     22 days ago

    @Gasha Queen101 u

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  • Grace Condie

     6 months ago

    They should totally put them in airplanes!!

  • Jasmine

     13 days ago

    Grace Condie how about our luggage’s might get stolen or maybe were too tall and we can’t fit

  • Suzana Tomic

     13 days ago

    @Fatima Islam Toha qwedččdčdčdččdčflflfllflf😉

  • Dakota Fitzgerald

     2 months ago

    I low key want that to be my room 😂😂

  • Wavve Ben

     4 days ago

    Who doesn't

  • Nuna Hasan

     6 months ago

    This looks way comfortable than the japanese capsule hotels , Specially with the tv.

  • Awesome Bread

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  • Evzzen Elizalde

     2 months ago

    @Dara he said japanese, this is in Taiwan

  • Sapphire Sultan

     2 months ago

    even if u fart in here is gon be okayyyy😂😂😂😂

  • Animals Forever301

     9 months ago

    “You can just lay around in here, do some push ups.” *does one push up* “okay that’s all I can do” *SAME*

  • Remedy Builds

     1 months ago

    @WOLF YT I can't bend my elbows when I do pushups but I can do 10 without collapsing (I have Autism, and I move differently)

  • Blackpink Comeback

     1 months ago

    COPYCAT!!! :(

  • Antonio Hernandez

     7 months ago

    Her: (Does one push up) ok thats all i can doMe:SHE CAN DO MORE THEN ME JESUS

  • Spooky Little girl

     12 days ago

    @Andy Zhou lol same I also seven

  • clarisq}

     1 months ago

    @Andy Zhou Then don't listen, COMMON SENSE!

  • Jessica Lao

     2 months ago

    I appreciate the people that actually make a effort to be quiet

  • Aiko-Chan Drawz

     2 months ago

    Unfortunately that’s not the case for me, if I were on earth I would probably be kicked it for being so loud ,luckily im a Martian .o.

  • Jessica Lao

     2 months ago

    Lmaoo I’m a expert at being quiet unless it’s quiet outside 😏😂

  • Squiggly Starr

     5 months ago

    I just imagining that the *power goes out* while your in the capsule room thing.

  • - Slytherin -

     24 days ago

    Gaming with Zaeema but this is in Taiwan tho

  • Cheese_ Emma

     2 months ago

    that would suck dicj

  • Kyleen Drake

     6 months ago

    $15 per day or for the week? Either way it's a steal. Heck yeah.

  • YoMama

     2 days ago

    @Kyleen Drake there are several version of the pods that cost under $500 off of alibaba.

  • Amelia Davies

     2 months ago

    50 per night