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HELP ME! How to Organize & Clean For Good: Kon Mari's Tips & Hacks!

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, January 30, 2019
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  • Natalies Outlet

    Natalies Outlet

     6 months ago +816

    Hello Outtie Squad!!! OMG ✨wheres my twinkle team?! hehe #OuttieSquadMember. It was SOOOOO fun to go live with you guys & see you guys in REAL TIME! Click the little bell to be notified of future Premieres 💖

  • Scarlettjade33


     6 months ago +1498

    “ get rid of anything that doesn’t spark joy” - throws homework

  • Leta Kim

    Leta Kim

     4 months ago +89

    "What purpose does this item have?"
    Me: thinking about my 40 dried out markers........
    also me: But they're family...

  • Екатерина Брайрли

    Екатерина Брайрли

     6 months ago +120

    0:20 here is the Rosalina accent

  • Eliza Schuyler

    Eliza Schuyler

     6 months ago +34

    This helped me so much!
    Thx so
    I wish I could join the group but my parents won’t pay for it( ✌︎'ω')✌︎
    I’m gonna like my own comment because nobody’s gonna either way( T_T)
    I love you (^。^)

  • Velly


     6 months ago +24

    It’s weird how I own almost nothing, but am still really disorganized 🤔

  • Honey doodle -w-

    Honey doodle -w-

     6 months ago +50

    Aha I needed this so badly! I'm so unorganised

  • Cassidy Faith

    Cassidy Faith

     6 months ago +75

    2:32: "Just take it one bedroom at a time"
    That's a hint to start with your bedroom *wink*

  • Rainbow Pie

    Rainbow Pie

     6 months ago +7

    3:33 chasing your dog with a vaccum
    4:26 chasing your dog with a basket
    5:42 chasing your dog with a chair

  • Mathilda Ruth

    Mathilda Ruth

     6 months ago +11

    The "memberships" are making me kinda upset (no hate!) it's just that most people can't afford $5 a month... and even if I could there are so many YouTuber's that are doing this, it would add up to waaay too much 😂
    I'm part of the #natificationsquad but I don't have enough cash to be an Outtie Squad Member lol 💖

  • Dance!Read!Repeat! !!

    Dance!Read!Repeat! !!

     6 months ago +214

    This is Jupiter 🐶
    He is adorable and has an instagram account.
    One like on more follower!

  • Paola Campuzano

    Paola Campuzano

     6 months ago +8

    OMG I ❤️ LOVE ❤️ your vids! They always seem to be perfect time!!! I find them really helpful

  • BTS Love yourself

    BTS Love yourself

     1 months ago +7

    My tips to be calm while cleaning
    • Listen to music
    I prefer BTS,
    ° Who is that ?
    you might say
    A korean pop group i recommend you listen to them, If you want here are songs
    Calm songs i listen to
    ( plus they have tons and tons of songs )
    • Someone like you - Song by adele
    Sung by Taehyung
    • Serendipity - jimin
    • Singularity - Taehyung
    • Lie - jimin
    • Euphoria - Jungkook
    • Promise - jimin
    • Epiphany - Jin
    • Butterfly - Jin
    • Seesaw - yoongi
    • ddaeng - Yoongi,Namjoon, jhope
    Tokyo - jhope (hoseok)
    Want to know their names??
    Leader -namjoon ~~~
    Rap line
    If you like to be hyped up listen to all their songs all of
    Thats my only tip sorry peeps

  • Sumayya Ansari

    Sumayya Ansari

     6 months ago +7

    Love Your Dog
    What's his or her name??

  • XXGalaxy_pikachuXX X

    XXGalaxy_pikachuXX X

     6 months ago +5

    * I did everything in the video*
    Me: yassss so perfect
    * a second later*
    Everything is messy
    Me: Nuuuuuuu

  • Person


     6 months ago +204

    Who else just watched this and thought “too lazy”??? 😂😂😂

  • Ari Giselle does Foot Crushing Asmr

    Ari Giselle does Foot Crushing Asmr

     6 months ago +8

    #OuttieSquadMember !!!!!
    #Natificationsquad !!!!!!
    (: i like my own cmts bc no one will😊

  • Anonymous 1

    Anonymous 1

     1 months ago +4

    |. How long it takes me to tidy my room ( minutes)

  • Melissa Harrison

    Melissa Harrison

     6 months ago +4

    Mrs. Natalie your pretty, amazing, strong and every thing else #natificatsionsquad

  • Imperfect _Moonlight

    Imperfect _Moonlight

     6 months ago +2

    The only thing fun in my room is my phone and computer 😂 the rest is cleaning up and doing homework and chores 😔R.I.P me