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  • Published on:  Saturday, September 23, 2017
  • PRESTONPLAYZ ROBLOX (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)Leave a LIKE if you enjoyed, check out the OTHERS BELOW!Ant: you sure what you're talking aboutCalling my real life content trash likeWhat you know about?My cat's got more views than your whole accountEven though you drive that Mclaren PdogYou actin' like minecraft still at the topBut it kinda flopKinda like when you hit us with that bopNow we aiming for the topCause you know we out here, yeahRoblox no no we never stopWouldn't ever go backTo the block game what a shameI'm just not out for the fameCharlie:Oh no you're the king of the vlogs what will I ever doYou're not David, you're not logan, you're not jake who are you?I have the smallest chan in the house that's trueBut when it comes down to views i always get more than youIs that your girl, that's my merch you loseMy name's in your title, way to useWe know you just do it for all our viewsPrestonplayz minecraft, we all knewHis flow was like a creeper, it really blewNate I'll be in your vlogs no moreYour mom calling you up at 4:44Saying I like Charlie's diss track way moreZack:Uh, wallets so fat, like it's on ketoSecond diss track, call this the sequelSaid i had to move to Tex to make some friendsYet the only thing I've made was your chanAll your virals dude man i really cantOnly bangers feature Poke, SeeDeng, AntSo you call nicole a gold diggerWait, I think shes a poke digerLet me give all your fans a sneak peekQuits MC, Roblox next weekDissed me for leaving MCPreston, Noboom did the same thingSaying my real life vids did sour, mine get more views in 1 hourHope this diss track was content cause I just paid your whole rentOne last verse from the guy who is dislikedI'll go up the mountain while you go take a hikeOk yeah that was kinda rude,but my Cat dude has more views than you.Title: Ant, SeeDeng, Poke - PRESTONPLAYZ ROBLOX (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) BUSINESS INQUIRIES:
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  • Split YT

    Split YT

     2 months ago +2994

    Anybody here from 2019???
    Just me? ;-;

  • You can call me Zach

    You can call me Zach

     7 days ago +271

    3 Roblox youtubers roast a Minecraft youtuber.
    I never thought I'd hear this ever in my life.

  • Jaden Begay

    Jaden Begay

     2 days ago +61

    Who is the Best
    Poke like
    Coment :ant

  • michel ruiz

    michel ruiz

     5 days ago +51

    there are so much roasting in this diss track :0

  • Kari DeRosier

    Kari DeRosier

     7 days ago +36


  • {Gatcha_ Artic Fox}

    {Gatcha_ Artic Fox}

     21 days ago +1415

    Who's better
    Like: poke
    Comment: Ant
    tag me: preston

  • Edline Lastimosa

    Edline Lastimosa

     6 days ago +56

    Poke when his Cool🗻🗻 POKE WHEN HIS ATTACKED MODE🌋🌋

  • Leon and Lola crue

    Leon and Lola crue

     7 days ago +31

    I like it poke I like your part it is 🔥🔥🔥🔥 I like the rap it was epic🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑

  • Mr FlippyFlopps

    Mr FlippyFlopps

     5 days ago +18

    all the people who disliked are mollybasketrabbit fans

  • Savannah Hernandez

    Savannah Hernandez

     7 days ago +101

    Zach your line was FIRE that is why your mah favorite YouTuber ever

  • Foozi


     3 months ago +4935

    anyone watching in 2019??? likee if you are!

  • Luke Speed

    Luke Speed

     14 days ago +54

    I play this in the streets of roblox on boombox



     yesterday +20

    watching a bunch of 20 year olds sing about roblox lol

  • Gary Simmons

    Gary Simmons

     7 days ago +15

    Poke is the best I added poke on roblox my name on roblox aaa4usa and Abbeyismyname1

  • Nur Shazreen Muhammad Rosli

    Nur Shazreen Muhammad Rosli

     7 days ago +27

    Anyone watching in 2019 August?!

  • Evil


     4 months ago +14878

    2019 anyone?
    Like if you are

  • Punjabilibraryonline Videos

    Punjabilibraryonline Videos

     3 days ago +5

    Zack your paragraph really blew....thats the reason your my favorite youtuber

  • zombie4378


     7 days ago +44

    When i watch this my mom asked my to turn on the AC, because it was so (FIRE)

  • Pearlie Mitchell

    Pearlie Mitchell

     14 days ago +49

    poke killed that no one can tell me bettter. PERIODTTTTTT.

  • kirabaddest girl

    kirabaddest girl

     7 days ago +61

    That song was 🔥🔥 🔥 lit Preston u just got roasted by my fav YouTuber