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Patient Zero Trailer - On Digital 8/14, In Theaters 9/14

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  • Published on:  Monday, July 16, 2018
  • In the pandemic thriller, PATIENT ZERO, humanity is battling intelligent, adrenaline-fueled creatures born from a viral super-strain. After being bitten, human survivor Morgan (Matt Smith) realizes he is asymptomatic and can communicate with the infected, leading the last survivors on a hunt for Patient Zero and a cure.
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  • FuMu


     10 months ago

    Cool, now I know what not to watch.

  • richardhalo


     a years ago

    Just don't waste your time with this B flop.
    Even tho Stanley is hinted in the trailer and some parts of the the movie to be THE patient zero, he's not. He's just an ex professor who (after being bitten) by weird chance became the or a leader of the infected (without ANY explanation why or how) thus the scientists/doctors waste their whole movie looking for the patient zero which btw they don't find at all. Their base is attacked later in the film and all the refugees, doctors and military personel are killed with the exception of Matt Smith (Doc Who) and the GoT chick (which is pregnant).

  • John Voll

    John Voll

     a years ago +1

    Watch this one if you like World War Z & 28 Weeks later :)

  • 1 Bad Jesus

    1 Bad Jesus

     a years ago

    JUST FINISHED IT...and thank
    god for TUCCI (GANG) cuz it went from bad to worse to comedic in first 10min. Even the MUSIC was terrible! ..and the "acting" uhmm...NOT!
    It was so bad it forced 90's slang to reemerge and so bad even 2 Game of Thrones Actors, Tucci (gang) couldn't salvage it!!
    okok.. male lead wasn't so bad..and quite good in fact just unfortunate he had THOSE cliche ripped off from other books, shows, movies words to regurgitate! i wouldn't be surprised if they petition to take this off their list.
    I SWEAR ...TUCCI(gang) was probably late addition brought in by a producer who saw the turd he had on his hands! Proof may be in FACT 95% of Tucci (gang) scenes are inside that glass cubicle.
    I love this genre (obviously) and was hopin for a look of The Girl With All the Gifts and feel of The Cured added with tension of Ravenous (2017) and emotion of Cargo (2018) .. ESPECIALLY after Books! Jonathan Maberry (Author of Novels) musta slunked down on his seat when he saw this disposable adult diaper on the screen! ..if i we were him I'D BE PISSED!!
    This shoulda been on a scale of WWZ🧟‍♂️🧟‍♀️ but BETTER! ...instead we got this SHITSANDWHICH that looks like a bad paraody of Zombie Movies!
    SERIOUSLY...whoever approved this Director /Writer/ Cinematographer should be fired AND ashamed of themselves! Didn't they see the dailies?!? ALL that $ and potential wasted!!

    PS- FOR DIRECTOR "Stefan" .. the scene of cliche "Bad Guy Army Sergeant" gettin shot in elevator via bullet exit wound on BACK implies there's a FRONT entry wound TOO ya moron!! ...but magically when he turned around there wasn't one nor even a trace of blood from front! *LOLOL😂😂😂 ...
    (*me along with EVERYONE laughing AT you not WITH you) "Stefan")
    THAT OBVIOUS CONTINUITY ERROR was perfect cap to this Cataract Cancer Causin Waste of Celluloid! ...

    iknowiknow "awful long comment for somethin I hate" 🤔 that I'd say:
    "correct...I DO HATE IT!"
    cuz from what I understand this was to be a series but was so awful they just crammed scenes into a 90-minute

  • Witness Me

    Witness Me

     a years ago

    Horrified that Matt Smith, Natalie Dormer and Stanley Tucci (and the guy who plays Samwell Tarly) would all lower themselves by doing a piece of straight-to-video garbage that's distinctly beneath their acting talents. In all fairness this was supposed to have come out in wide release... three years ago. At least Matt has a little movie called Star Wars Episode IX coming out.

  • Basillio11


     a years ago

    Awful movie... cinematography, editing, acting....What a waste!

  • zeland luli

    zeland luli

     a years ago

    Having a pregnancy test in middle of an appocalypse...they should cut that part man😂

  • Hipoalergeniko


     a years ago

    It is pretty bad. Don´t watch it.

  • Bagad Billa

    Bagad Billa

     a years ago

    Just watched this movie. It has an unsatisfied ending like assassin's creed. It lacks juice.

  • princeoftidds


     a years ago

    Daniel Tosh looks weird in this but he did a good job!

  • White Void

    White Void

     a years ago

    Sounds a bit like the Crossed. Which would make for a much better movie.

  • Vanessassary -

    Vanessassary -

     a years ago

    how do I watch the movie? I can’t find find it

  • KuantumSuicide


     a years ago +1

    Is this a new take on I Am Legend?



     a years ago +1

    I thought this movie would be amazing. Unfortunately, this is just a well cut trailer. This bad script wasted the talents of Natalie Dormer, Matt Smith, Stanley Tucci. They did the best they could, with what little they had to work with. If you thought this was good. You probably also couldn't follow all the dialogue in #aQuietPlace.. And needed somebody to explain it to you. If so, don't leave no comment. Just move along. For the rest of you, do yourself a favor and AVOID AT ALL COSTS!

  • Joe Kerr

    Joe Kerr

     a years ago +1

    28 years later.



     a years ago +2

    Looks good. Gonna watch

  • KENSEI-174


     a years ago +1

    What's the catchy aong Called used in the interrogation

    I found the song the other day. It's called Beti Webb Tick Tock

  • LeCutter


     a years ago +1

    For those wondering about the song at the end it's Beti Webb - Tic Toc - circa 1967.

  • Roman S

    Roman S

     a years ago +2

    Tucci Gang

  • Akustik Show

    Akustik Show

     a years ago

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