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  • Published on:  Thursday, December 13, 2018
  • MY $20,000 FORTNITE GAMING SETUPThank you Digital Storm:💻 COMPUTER Specs:💻 Setup Specs:Mousepad: support: Camera: 1: 2: Desk: Arm: Mixer:'t forget to choose me as support a creator - USE CODE "Tfue" IN THE ITEM SHOP!🔴 Watch me LIVE everyday on Twitch!:🔥 GOLD SCARS: CONNECTED:🐦 Twitter:📷 Instagram:▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬EDITED by TeaWap●● song:
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  • Fearsome Tiger86

     26 days ago

    Whos after the faze clan and banks vs Tfue drama😥🙁

  • Mia Thicc


    Umm what happened?

  • Game Traveller

     2 days ago

    We all are =_=

  • 奈马Edioah

     17 days ago

    Streamers: donate $200 Tfue: Thanks for the $20 man.

  • michael Rapp

     2 days ago

    @Matthew Kenny nn,nmjbnjchgh

  • Jim TheGamer

     2 days ago

    40 but your right fuck faze!

  • Free Vbucks*

     28 days ago

    20K To Play Fortnite?*And I Tought It Was Free To Play!*


     2 hours ago


  • Nacho Nacho


    criptik Jigglypuff LoL why so toxic you Fortnite virgin

  • Always Unknown!

     14 days ago

    20 million views and a $20k gaming setup... what are the odds!?🤣

  • Spitzie YT

     6 months ago

    Who is better?Like: Tfue Comment: Ninja

  • Abdullah Siddiqui

     52 minutes ago

    @LUCIO GAMER 43 I agree

  • Abdullah Siddiqui

     52 minutes ago

    @LUCIO GAMER 43 u r right

  • TripleBProductionzz

     27 days ago

    So sad what things have come to. Really hope this calms down

  • SlothyDoesYoutube

     13 days ago

    @TheShooterX 3 :)

  • TheShooterX

     13 days ago

    SlothyDoesYoutube how old are you to think this will actually happen?

  • JohnnySenpaIII

     14 days ago

    Nobody:Literally nobody:Banks: “DUDE dude dude DuDe Duuuuude dUde woah dude DUUUUUDE CMON DUDE”

  • Meet Challa

     26 days ago

    legend is that Tfue only used 20% of this pc as Faze took 80% of the performance

  • TPOSE Big

     6 hours ago

    Then he has about 10 20 30 FPS

  • Johnny

     17 days ago

    MLG FTW bro tfue decline the contract and faze said okay bye

  • Koolz 100

     a months ago

    “The computers are decent”Meanwhile my pc can barley load google chrome

  • Sergio Vasquez

     23 days ago

    No Google Chrome for Google kiddo

  • youtube user

     23 days ago

    @Majin Gamer no microsoft edge

  • FaZe Dirty

     6 months ago

    that pc is the size of my room

  • frfrfrfr frfrfrf

     20 days ago


  • Banana Boi 29

     21 days ago