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Lil Dicky - Sports (Official Video)

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, July 10, 2013
  • 5th video off of LD's debut mixtape, "So Hard". Download the free mixtape at: Sports references out the ass.Facebook: LopezEditor:Quinn MotickaLyrics - Shots in the club like plaxicoI'm in the corner, hot like Placido'sAnd dicky fuckin flow nuts pistachioAnd like Shelvin, I know how to mack a hoI got girls on ma penisFlow is the meanestNot Gilbert, but I'm sellin out arenasDo it all day A petersonBecause I'm tryna get paid like Revis didI met a French bitch, big lips, and she got a bodyTold her put that ass on moi like nnamdiFight like rocky, white like RoddyHoosier Daddy all knight like BoobyHot box ride, I can barely seeYou know I keep ma car melo like Anthonygot bigger blunts than legarrete, smoke outta Taurusput Mar kief in dat philly like Morrisanybody better better than me, good tryI'm the best like Jahvid, but I'm not lionNot even a ear bitingMa pockets fat with green, so Rex RyanI ball for the bucks like Luke Richard Mbah a moute, but I'm a fuckin superstarAnd if they ask LD where he wanna liveThen I'ma tell 'em where markakis like Nick.Verse 2I'm tryna get a little Kevin LoveAnd then I see a bad bitch starin up in the clubShe got an ass so sweet like a cinnabunI bet dat bitch a giant freak like LincecumAnd so I go and approach herWe kick it like StoverEnd of the night, I'ma ownher, hovaLiquor make a bitch feel raunchy, hornySo im getting big shots, Chauncey, horryTook her back at ma Eddie HouseAnd this fine ass bitch takin off her blouseAnd then ma D Rose quicka than a bull at the gardenDick like James from the way that it HardenMy name ain't Charles, but I pack wood sonMa dick ain't Gretzky, but it's still a good one.She want that juice I ain't talkin bout OJIt's more like Mayo, something like OJOkay, now her clothes are offAnd I can see her C pierced like her name was PaulI couldn't care less, went down feelin the flavorIt was hairless, something like VillanuevaMa Rod Smart, so He Hate MeWhen I don't cover him up wit a safetyBut I coordinate that D, so I planned protectionHad a Magnum Rolle like louisania tech did Put a condom on ma Ryan BraunMa Hebrew hammer, then we got it onI was playin wit a boobie, CavalierWe even made a couple movies, Shaq O'NeilShe had a real big cat, Andres Gallaraga pussyBut I hit it hard, Troy Polamalu on that pussyNo acting but she had a big O OscarNo PED's little Dicky ballin proper let's go.Beat - Whoomp There it is by tag Team (check out the original, legendary jam below) mixtape is for promotional use only. Just a dude having some fun in his room.
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  • Zane Smith

    Zane Smith

     3 years ago +2235

    His wordplay is insane lol

  • HiddenMistxxx


     3 years ago +1039

    "Then my D Rose quicker than a bull at the garden"
    brb my house is on fire

  • Luis Misscellanio

    Luis Misscellanio

     3 years ago +290

    I never understood any punchlines in a rap song more than this

  • degenerate82


     a years ago +92

    this is easily the best written rap song ever that appeals to under 100 people

  • Jake Southard

    Jake Southard

     4 years ago +1276

    its like lonely island... but he's all 3 in 1

  • Corey Liddil

    Corey Liddil

     2 years ago +270

    My D Rose quicker than a bull in the Garden? Who thinks of that

  • Brianna Fry

    Brianna Fry

     4 years ago +125

    I swear the best part is the dancing

  • My Nama Jegg

    My Nama Jegg

     3 years ago +672

    "You know i keep my car mellow like Anthony" Damn near dopest line I've ever heard

  • Jeremy Hamilton

    Jeremy Hamilton

     3 years ago +103

    He had the Cam Newton and Stephen Curry jerseys on before everyone got on their bandwagon.

  • Mar tin

    Mar tin

     3 years ago +293

    My D rose quicker than a bull at a garden" 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Ramon Perez

    Ramon Perez

     2 years ago +58

    Like, I know sports pretty well. And this shit is just on a different level.

  • Izzy Wizzy

    Izzy Wizzy

     3 years ago +418

    he reminds me of a young Jewish-er Adam sandler

  • Prison Mike

    Prison Mike

     3 years ago +148

    can I have "go dicky go dicky go!" as a ringtone??!!! pleeeease!

  • Kenzie Games

    Kenzie Games

     3 years ago +293

    Why have a just discovered you? You are awesome!

  • Coles Walter

    Coles Walter

     4 years ago +70

    I listened to this song, I heard the He Hate Me reference, I rewinded it and starred at the He Hate Me jersey I have hanging on my wall and knew I had found someone special

  • Paddy Joe

    Paddy Joe

     2 years ago +52

    Yo some of you guys might not know but this guy is unbelievable at Basketball

  • Everett Logan

    Everett Logan

     4 years ago +721

    Typical post-game interview:
    "How did you sports today"
    "Well we sportsed pretty hard, the other team was  sportsing pretty hard the beginning but we managed to out sports them so that our sports won, we're going on to the next city and hopefully we'll be able to sports hard there too."

  • Alan Hernandez Morales

    Alan Hernandez Morales

     3 years ago +493

    Your voice kind of sounds like a rapping Adam Sandler.

  • EwoksGaming


     2 years ago +53

    He had a Curry jersey before it was cool

  • Patrick Hyde

    Patrick Hyde

     2 years ago +48

    Why is this not on spotify? It is too good