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The Spectacular Rise and Fall of WeWork

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  • Published on:  Thursday, November 7, 2019
  • In less than one year, WeWork went from having a $47 billion valuation and being the darling of the venture capital world to needing an $8 billion infusion to avoid running out of money. This is the story of Adam Neumann, Softbank's risky investment, a failed IPO and how we got here.

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  • Rajat Joshi

    Rajat Joshi

     20 minutes ago

    So, nobody talked about IWG. Slow and steady always wins the race

  • Theronizer Thesecond

    Theronizer Thesecond

     13 hours ago

    the concept verse money numbers is really off. this makes no sense to the world of economics, it's not it's own company in a thought, it has no real product but a lounge and rooms to work in. it's like what black market are they part of being.

  • x0234dsx


     19 hours ago

    its like if the monorail guy in the Simpsons didn't have to leave town, but instead sold the monorail preferred stock for billions and stuck around to start another business

  • Moomoofarm


     2 days ago

    We work falls due to the umbrella 🌂

  • Lesbian Amazon Sister

    Lesbian Amazon Sister

     2 days ago

    Ripping off Company Man again I see....

  • Smeagol P. Galliaro de Uniz con Rediesia III

    Smeagol P. Galliaro de Uniz con Rediesia III

     3 days ago

    thats right you get what you earn you over privileged millennial shin lickers.. all you young people dont understand business. You have to give up your life and happiness for money, this is the American way

  • Bob Grottoli

    Bob Grottoli

     3 days ago +2

    The Frye fest of commercial office space

  • ZingsVideos


     4 days ago

    pied piper



     4 days ago

    whats wrong with her mouth?

  • Sergey Adyasov

    Sergey Adyasov

     6 days ago

    8 billion is not bad seriously I wouldnt cry about it

  • sylgar45


     6 days ago +1

    "with a guy he met in the surf"... we're talking about Laird Hamilton here, careful with the condescending tone. You have no idea who he is. Building a superfood company with the guy is like building a retail business with 'a guy' called Jeff Bezos.

  • Ricardo Ferrer

    Ricardo Ferrer

     6 days ago

    Bloomberg please cut the clicker sound at 11:34, that was the most annoying thing I've ever heard in my life.

  • julijakeit


     7 days ago

    why is youtube removing comments about who this owner of wework is? What's so insulting about being a bad person of certain nationality? You never see comments removed for being bad American, Russian, German (especially German), Latvian, Ukrainian, Nigerian, Chinese or what not. What's with this politically incorrect discrimination against certain nationalities?

  • Pause Kar

    Pause Kar

     7 days ago

    The slide which shows the SoftBank powered company has a n error. Under PingAn logo the name written is Paytm.



     7 days ago

    what`t the song from intro of this video?

  • noel huerta

    noel huerta

     7 days ago

    Neil degrassy tyson

  • Ashton Turner

    Ashton Turner

     7 days ago +1

    I continue to see WeWork offices every where. When are they going to really fall?

  • Holden


     7 days ago

    Sort of reminds me of what happened to Ion Storm back in the day.

  • Aly Lopez

    Aly Lopez

     7 days ago

    it sounds to me like a bunch of cool but empty ideas of innovation, instead of the depressing cubicle work space they renovated companies to become hipster ass buzzfeed offices? those jobs are still gonna suck and people are still gonna probably hate their lives even if the office space is cool and modern. to think that this raked in millions, no BILLIONs, and then lost it all....

  • Nick Groenewegen

    Nick Groenewegen

     7 days ago

    Hipsters had enough of it. Hipsters need media to tell them what is hip every other few months. And plenty of superfoods to boost there agile sprints of distruptive design... Lol! The founder is just another scam artist and you all got played because hipsters wear horse blinders these days.