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Six months of survival in the tropical rainforest

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  • Published on:  Sunday, June 30, 2019
  • Six months of survival in the tropical rainforest
    6 months have passed since I stepped into the tropical rainforest. The living conditions here are easy. At the end of last year's autumn, I had to eat a variety of plants, drink spring water. The winter here is not too cold, but there is always a need for charcoal for heating. Fortunately, rodents are very active at this time so there are lots of food. Now it's summer, I will continue to learn to perform better. There will be many buildings built ...
    Thank you everyone for your support in the last 6 months !!!
    We only use only page facebook ( and do not have twitter, as well as blog (except for the fake ones). This is the North of Vietnam – a place full of unforeseen dangers and risks. Insects, centipedes and snakes are very dangerous, must be very careful when moving, holding, climbing and lifting stones. These skills are learned through books, the internet and real life experiences. Our normal day is like you and not like this.
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  • Survival Instinct

    Survival Instinct

     6 months ago +1048

    This is the video I synthesized skills for 6 months in this place. In the future, I hope to have many interesting things ...
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  • Nicolas Doga

    Nicolas Doga

     3 hours ago

    F por la rata 8:14

  • Johanes Tarigan

    Johanes Tarigan

     11 hours ago

    He never change his cloth

  • อมรรัตน์ อรรถประจง

    อมรรัตน์ อรรถประจง

     15 hours ago

    25:12 This man sound!

  • ช่างมิตร STUDIO

    ช่างมิตร STUDIO

     18 hours ago


  • Ramesh Gosavi

    Ramesh Gosavi

     19 hours ago

    I want you meet

  • lucky star KNPP represent

    lucky star KNPP represent

     20 hours ago +1

    I’ve been living like that for 10 years, it’s normal

  • Delano Badal

    Delano Badal

     21 hours ago

    this dude stayed for six months in the forest without getting dirty or so much ass a scratch on him,even his cloths were clean. but enough about that . in the end it was a great vid and ilearnt a whole lot .

    fun thing was this dude eating anything that moves.

  • kopito thai

    kopito thai

     21 hours ago

    A lot of crispy wild life snack. Amazing survival skill.

  • Jeoffrey Andares

    Jeoffrey Andares

     22 hours ago


  • 小山昂彦


     22 hours ago


  • Madhukar Naik

    Madhukar Naik

     yesterday +1

    Save Forest ❤

  • Rajo Rafflesia

    Rajo Rafflesia


    Makan tikus mulu lu bang

  • Jerry Hickam

    Jerry Hickam

     yesterday +1

    The rain forest is the easiest place to live in as long as you know what to look for. Apparently, homeboy knows exactly what to look for no doubt. 🙂

  • Сергей Бузейко

    Сергей Бузейко


    Тропическом лесу, конечно не просто но в Сибири сложней......)

  • МеркуриЙ TV

    МеркуриЙ TV

     yesterday +2

    Один я из наших это смотрю?))

  • 808 Smoke

    808 Smoke


    bruh you just built a whole house wtf lol how???????? what you use to tie the knots and how you putting this together

  • Ashaadi Fandzuri Adnan

    Ashaadi Fandzuri Adnan


    I did it in minecraft T_T

  • pascal passy

    pascal passy

     2 days ago

    I will live like this once my wife divorces me.!!!

  • Mr.peanut Butter

    Mr.peanut Butter

     2 days ago +1

    I like the survival but when ever he eats I get flash backs to when asmr was popular