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5 Style Tips EVERY Girl Should Know *life changing*

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  • Published on:  Monday, March 11, 2019
  • Wooooo! Happy Monday my beauties! I'm so excited about this video because I'm sharing 5 of my BEST style tips. I hope you love this video and try out some of these tips for yourself. xo

    Shapewear I love:
    Jockey Luxuriously Smooth Tank

    Spanx High Waisted Mid Thigh Shorts

    Spanx Lace Hipster Panties

    Spanx Shorts

    The denim I love: https://go.magik.ly/ml/le00/

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  • Nohemi Hernandez

    Nohemi Hernandez

     22 hours ago

    Very helpful thanks girl !

  • Zhiyue YANG

    Zhiyue YANG


    The underwear doesn’t really effect me. Dunno if its because my underwear is fine, or if its because I’m skinny enough that there’s no difference

  • The Jadester

    The Jadester


    6:08 What brand is the waist trainer used? Been looking for a good one for a while

  • Best Nightgowns

    Best Nightgowns


    This video is awesome....

  • Shaniafan1


     2 days ago

    Me strutting in my $12 knart skinny jeans 😩 I buy more but I wear them a lot and with different styles. I don’t have a set style. My $12 jeans have lasted me years. 🙄
    I use those underwear when I have my period. 😂 and no I don’t wear shape wear because they can be damaging. I use to wear a waist trainer because I had a very unhealthy eating disorder 🤢

  • Carol Prasad

    Carol Prasad

     3 days ago

    me: irons shirts so carefully so i can iron out all the creases
    brother : throws on whatever he finds; could care less about ironing!
    me: oh, im doing nothing much except my right eye begins to twitch for some reason

  • Rose m

    Rose m

     3 days ago +1

    Step 1: be skinny

  • Daisy Bailey

    Daisy Bailey

     3 days ago

    You are so damn GORGEOUS 👍💓💓❤️❤️❤️❤️💕💕😱😱😱

  • Lisa


     3 days ago +1

    i wish i could get rid of most of my clothes but i keep gaining and losing weight all the time i feel like i have everything between S and XL in my closet

  • Sweet Honey

    Sweet Honey

     4 days ago

    where do you but your sweaters? ♡

  • Kit Clark

    Kit Clark

     4 days ago +1

    Hello... I am 15 with no desire to spend every penny I make in the next two years, on some friggin fancy leg socks! When I see even shirts that are fifteen dollars I go "meh, I don't love myself that much" 😂😂😂

  • CJ Zombie

    CJ Zombie

     6 days ago

    Hi bois

  • Joy Lake

    Joy Lake

     6 days ago +1

    That MUCH $ on jeans, is ridiculous. Take a trip to thrift store and you can find those name brands for less then what you spend on lunch. Get sweats in same colors, kinda monochromatic ignore the different shades. WHY DOES EVERYONE THINK A GIRDLE ( Shaper wear is something everyone should wear?) Not everyone needs to be wearing compression type underwear. I can't be the only one who isn't unhappy with the shape of my body. I prefer to be comfortable not be in underwear that squeezes your body constantly. ( get hot & sometimes skin irritation.)

  • Mia Missdria

    Mia Missdria

     7 days ago

    Great Video!

  • Lamor'e My Dream {official} Women Fashion World

    Lamor'e My Dream {official} Women Fashion World

     7 days ago +1

    🤩 Amazing Fashion style 2020 🤩
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  • sujaya kv

    sujaya kv

     7 days ago

    I really need time to process the information

  • lulu boo

    lulu boo

     7 days ago

    you don’t need shape wear! ahh!! i can’t stress this enough, you are beautiful! embrace those hip dips- but, if you really need to, just don’t wear those panties that give you pantylines, wear smoother ones. you can look gorgeous no matter your waist, size or shape, some pieces may not be suited to you but that’s okay! you can change it by wearing a different piece not changing your body with shape wear! sorry but i thought it had to be said :/

  • Lamor'e My Dream {official} Women Fashion World

    Lamor'e My Dream {official} Women Fashion World

     14 days ago +1

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  • Love Me

    Love Me

     14 days ago

    How&where I spend time ➡️ appropriate clothing
    Cost per wear
    Capsule wardrobe
    What colors I enjoy
    Cohesive matching fits
    Matching Hardware
    Shapewear/corset/lace thong
    Steaming clothes/ depiller for pills

  • syeda zunera

    syeda zunera

     14 days ago