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**Award Winning** CGI 3D Animated Short Film "The Legend of The Crabe Phare" by Crabe Phare Team

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  • Published on:  Friday, March 9, 2018
  • **Award Winning** CGI 3D Animated Short Film: "The Legend of The Crabe Phare Short Film Film" by Supinfocom Valenciennes - Gaëtan Borde, Benjamin Lebourgeois, Alexandre Veaux, Mengjing Yang, Claire Vandermeersch. Featured on http://www.cgmeetup.net/home/the-legend-of-the-crabe-phare/

    The Legend Of The Crabe Phare Short Film
    Graduation movie from SUPINFOCOM Valenciennes 2015.

    Co-Directed by :
    Gaëtan BORDE, http://cargocollective.com/gaetanborde
    Benjamin LEBOURGEOIS, http://lebourgeois-b.com
    Alexandre VEAUX, http://alexv-portfolio.com
    Mengjing YANG,
    Claire VANDERMEERSCH. http://cargocollective.com/cleo2015

    Original Soundtrack : Valentin LAFORT valentinlafort.com/
    Voice actor : Andy DUPONT
    End Title : Julien Loth

    AWARDS :
    Prix du Public – Panam Anim 2015
    Prix du Public – Courts Devant 2015
    Best Student Project – Siggraph 2016
    Best Student Film – Anim’est 2016
    Best 3D Animation Movie – Effets Stars 2016
    Best European Student Film – Anim!Arte 2016
    2nd Best International Student Film – Anim!Arte 2016
    Prix du Public – Festival du Film Environnemental 2016
    Prix Jeune Public – RISC 2016
    Mention Spéciale – Plein la Bobine 2016
    Special Mention – Multivision 2016
    Prix du Jury Jeune – Savigny 2017
    Audience Award – Cryptshow 2017

    Website http://crabe-phare.tumblr.com/tagged/movie

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    **Award Winning** CGI 3D Animated Short Film "The Legend of The Crabe Phare" by Crabe Phare Team

  • Source: https://youtu.be/XxV4aUrGgeg


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  • Jackson Roberts

    Jackson Roberts


    How it feels to close my eyes for too long in the morning

  • Flame Draggies

    Flame Draggies


    The baby crab is way more cooler than the big one at the end 😎

  • Otter Play

    Otter Play


    Wonderful & extraordinary gem

  • Daniel van Levan

    Daniel van Levan

     3 days ago


  • umbreon _73

    umbreon _73

     4 days ago +1

    History repeats itself as proved in this short

  • YaBoiNadia


     5 days ago

    The crab really got dusted by Thanos.

  • Dev Parzival

    Dev Parzival

     5 days ago

    I would like to eat that crab.

  • Faldin Hidayat

    Faldin Hidayat

     5 days ago


  • justandy333


     5 days ago

    I'm quite confused by this one but it is french after all. I'll have a stab in the dark. The moral is tourism is great and all the wealth it brings it great, until it ruins everything. But someone will keep reviving it despite the ruin it made. My humble take on a rather essentric work.

  • antihacker Danny

    antihacker Danny

     6 days ago

    Wonderful story

  • Bernardito Cegak

    Bernardito Cegak

     6 days ago

    Mantap kau ni jang

  • solesurvivor 76

    solesurvivor 76

     6 days ago

    [5:42] i dont think he's old enough to be using that

  • Bhathiya Bandara

    Bhathiya Bandara

     6 days ago

    Russian alike :D

  • Knockoff James Charles

    Knockoff James Charles

     7 days ago

    Dam that crab looks delicious

  • Adrian Galbreath

    Adrian Galbreath

     7 days ago

    I like this then 2:30 comes

  • FaPiGi FaPiGi

    FaPiGi FaPiGi

     7 days ago


  • Joanne Foong

    Joanne Foong

     7 days ago +1

    i what des crab vs Godzilla 2019

  • Abu Al-Husein

    Abu Al-Husein

     7 days ago

    what the ff wkwkkwk whats the mean this cartoon?soo dificult for my brain

  • Trang Nguyen

    Trang Nguyen

     7 days ago

    Poor crab