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Windows 9 - The OS Microsoft WON'T Tell You About!

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  • Published on:  Monday, March 6, 2017
  • Windows 9 doesn't exist... officially. But it may be just what you're looking for if you aren't satisfied with Windows 10.

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  • Finsmasher


     2 years ago +10019

    windows 9... 9 minute video..? Hmmmm

  • Benjamin Deere

    Benjamin Deere


    Because 789

  • bigfellaoo7



    What happened to tunnel bear?

  • skilz8098



    Windows 7 is a good place to stop, forget about 8 completely as it sucks, and 10 isn't much better. If I ever transition to another OS I think I might go down the Linux road...

  • Alex Nielson

    Alex Nielson

     3 days ago

    26 seconds is where I said "This guy's fucking insufferable. Thumbs down"

  • EmeraldGameZone


     6 days ago

    1:46 Super mario brothers 3 on Windows? Cooooool

  • z1mt0n1x


     6 days ago

    The problem of using W10 as the base OS is that sometimes Windows Update restores old setting such as telemetry or adds new telemetry... Hence why they used W8.1.
    Go figure... Why did LTT miss that part?

    Also.... Why wasn't 8.1 in the benchmarks?

  • Dj_Dexter Dark_X

    Dj_Dexter Dark_X

     6 days ago

    Windows 9, the strongest windows xD

  • NeedForSpeed2004


     7 days ago

    Windows NEIN

  • XxJVG1xX YT

    XxJVG1xX YT

     7 days ago

    Between 7 and 10

    What about 8

  • Ꚃoʋrᥑᕓ


     7 days ago

    why would anyone use windows? if you can have arch linux?

  • dayshift at freddy's 1980's games

    dayshift at freddy's 1980's games

     7 days ago

    Now the resson why microsoft is not making windows 9 is cos 7 8nd 9

  • lucodeath


     7 days ago

    Smb 3, Nintendo will sue.

  • Daniel Halter

    Daniel Halter

     7 days ago +1

    I thought nobody got into Area 51...?
    How did you find this

  • James Shields

    James Shields

     7 days ago

    I think I'll stick with Linux, thanks!

  • Prateek Panwar

    Prateek Panwar

     7 days ago

    Which services can be disabled in 10. I only play DX 11,12 games, visual studio and blender

  • TechBaron, Cameras and more!

    TechBaron, Cameras and more!

     7 days ago

    I got. Netbsd. Lol

  • TechBaron, Cameras and more!

    TechBaron, Cameras and more!

     7 days ago

    I got it. The iso. U want ?? Lol

  • Brett Bensley

    Brett Bensley

     7 days ago

    I work in industry and damn it...we need this version of windows for our systems that run our manufacturing machines....and we can't get it.

  • Binge Watch

    Binge Watch

     7 days ago

    Since when does Linus play Cities?! STICK TO CS:GO! CITIES IS MY GAME!