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Why Superheroes are the Modern Mythology

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  • Published on:  Saturday, June 25, 2016
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    Superheroes and comic books are such a huge part of pop culture in the 21st century, in 2016 alone there will be 6 major studio films based on comic book characters and properties - but why are they so popular? In this series, we explore the philosophy of comic books, their concepts, themes and characters and what they tell us about ourselves and our culture through the lens of philosophy, morality, art, literature, culture and psychology.

    In this episode, we explore the relationship between Superheroes and ancient Mythology, and the history of storytelling and narrative.

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  • Rebecca Black

    Rebecca Black

     3 months ago

    superheroes are not even close to modern mythology or modern day God's and they will never be God's there is ony one true God and his Son how died for are sins.

  • Jacob Black

    Jacob Black

     4 months ago

    In this is why ciomcs are dieing.

  • Jacob Black

    Jacob Black

     4 months ago

    superheroes are not morden day gods! They are a Product that is copyrighted I like superheros but I will never whoship them.

  • theotherwarner


     5 months ago

    Been pondering the meaning behind introducing ancient mythology into the superhero canon. Check out what I've come up with! https://hobbiesiwatchmovies.com/2019/07/27/mythology-and-superheroes/

  • Leonardo Silva

    Leonardo Silva

     7 months ago +3

    This become more clearly in the end of the Infinity Saga on MCU, where the heroes are way more portrayed in epic ways and as gods

  • David AdventTime21

    David AdventTime21

     8 months ago +3

    1000 Years from now:
    As you can see class, this was USAian Mythology, Usaian Heros with supernatural powers and God like beings, who's heard of H.P Lovecraft mythos?
    Yes imagine them against these heroes!

  • christopher bryan V

    christopher bryan V

     8 months ago

    I think comics are more related to fairy tales than mythology.  They are moralistic fantasies developed by adults for children, and nostalgia allows them to retain relevance into adulthood.  Sane adults, or even most children I would venture, do not believe in the actual existence of these characters.  And people don’t sacrifice goats to Batman or Kal-El.

    Is it true that a massive amount of people love superheroes per se, or do they just like action movies, nostalgia and cathartic escapism?

    PS: Our “signals within the noise” hold only temporary sway before the noise eats us alive.  I’m with the Joker; this whole thing is a meaningless farce.  Cheers.

  • Mohith Kune

    Mohith Kune

     10 months ago +2

    Superman is heavily drawn from Lord Krishna

  • Isaac Adam

    Isaac Adam

     11 months ago +1

    Are tokusatsu superheroes are also part of the modern mythology, gods among us?

  • AK M

    AK M

     11 months ago

    Wow... Great analysis

  • Iafiv Iv

    Iafiv Iv

     a years ago

    Superheroes are the modern myth in the West because they're the last heroes left.In the real world every hero is either false or potentially complicated especially in the post-9/11 era.Because 9/11 is the event that gave legs to the genre since 9/11 was a supervillain plot that didn't have any heroes to prevent it.And ever since 9/11 americans especially have been watching superheroes hoping to see them prevent 9/11 or more exactly stop the constant state of war and fear prevailing in american society.Yeah some might say '9/11 was not a big deal i don't think about 9/11' or any other variation.Yeah you don't think about 9/11 because the War on terror has been so internalised in the psyche of americans its become part of the nations DNA.9/11 is as american as the Constitution its the very fabric of the country.And just like most americans rarely think about the Constitution same goes with 9/11 which is the present founding myth of America.9/11 is the present day father of America and that means America needs heroes to match 9/11 and the real life heros simply don't match.They didn't match on 9/11 so they've been replaced with fictional superheroes.9/11 is to America what the Bomb is to Japan.

  • Percival Sweetwater

    Percival Sweetwater

     a years ago

    Because Christians have managed again and again to kill the spirit and message of Jesus of Nazareth, creative people have created myths like those of Superman, Spiderman and rest, in order that the living nature of our souls be liberated from the deadly Fundamentalisms taught us in church. In this sense, the Holy Spirit can be seen to rise again and again in the guises of our favorite superheroes and heroines, who are but our modern manifestations of what Joseph Campbell called the Hero with a Thousand Faces.

    From this perspective, it could be said that it is creative spirits like Jerry Siegel, Joe Shuster and Stan Lee who have rescued the soul or Holy Spirit from its captivity within institutionalized white racist Christianity, and resurrected it toward the spiritual renewal of the child within all of us and the hero within all of us.

  • WeSpeak


     a years ago

    where's black panther you racist?

  • Michael Deo

    Michael Deo

     a years ago

    Accept no substitutes, there is only ONE Almighty Being, Yahweh the Father, Creator, and King over all and one Master Yahushua the Messiah, the first born, the redeeming and intercessor, the king over all the kings of the Earth.

  • Phoenix Olivia

    Phoenix Olivia

     a years ago

    Nicely done bro. My favourite superhero is the Phoenix!

  • Cnight_LDV


     a years ago

    Superman is not Jesus or Moises. He was inspired by them, but make it obius is stupid.

  • U1timate1nferno


     a years ago +1

    One other connection between Superman and Judeo-Christian God is in his name. Kal-El. The "El" suffix is typically associated with God, with one of his many names being Elohim, and other divine figures, like the Angels Michael and Gabriel. Lastly, it's also tied to Christ and the name Emmanuel and Noel as the alternative name of Christmas.

  • Spider-Man


     a years ago

    I wouldn't be surprised if we see start seeing Temples for superheroes 😂

  • The Giga Master

    The Giga Master

     a years ago

    Spider Man: The god of crappy lives

  • Heath Settle

    Heath Settle

     2 years ago +9

    Good video, but I have to say this. Jesus, Moses, and David and Goliath are historical figures (Jesus obviously being God and Son of God according to Christianity), not mythical figures. Also, we don't worship superheroes, we just enjoy their stories.