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The Racist & Sexist History of Prom | Teen Vogue

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, May 9, 2018
  • Prom season usually means stretch limos and super-extra promposals. But where did this time-honored coming-of-age tradition even come from? Whembley Sewell breaks down the timeline of Prom's racist and misogynistic backstory as well as the teenagers who have fought against it for decades.

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    The Racist & Sexist History of Prom | Teen Vogue
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  • Go Hizle

    Go Hizle

     21 days ago

    desegregation was a huge mistake. Good thing my school segregated itself

  • yo momma

    yo momma

     2 months ago

    My grandma was the first black prom queen at her school :) in 1971

  • Anthony Kerr

    Anthony Kerr

     2 months ago

    Whats wrong with gender norms? Actual question

  • Dost Thou Even Logic Brethren?

    Dost Thou Even Logic Brethren?

     2 months ago

    Now teach them about the racist and sexist history of the Minimum wage. :)

  • Zuzanna Tomaszewicz

    Zuzanna Tomaszewicz

     3 months ago

    I actually thoutght thaf I was the only person thinking that prom has a lot of sexist rules putting people in their "gender roles ". Glad that video came out.

  • Spooky Boyy

    Spooky Boyy

     3 months ago

    This is such a boring, tired subject
    It’s weird Americans got so obsessed by it starting 2014
    It’s... last century’s struggle...

  • Sarah Tsh

    Sarah Tsh

     3 months ago

    I beg your misogynistic pardon

  • IGOTAJOP America

    IGOTAJOP America

     4 months ago

    So a girl that with a boy hair cut tries to tell girls that it wrong to act like a real lady and boys not to act like real men.
    Prom was a formal dance. Then era and some people opinion were used in judgement. Right or wrong
    Its still a formal dance. But people like you don't like when real boys and girls dress proper. You take offense to it. Get over it.

  • Sarina R.

    Sarina R.

     4 months ago

    Segregation should not even be a problem but we still need to desegregate proms what kind of a world are we living in that we can’t get over our past without a protest 🙄😤

  • Javier Olvera

    Javier Olvera

     5 months ago

    how to be liberal

  • Fox_Commander 360

    Fox_Commander 360

     6 months ago +1

    Oh wait a minute, are you telling me that stuff before the 1960s was segregated and racist? Gee, I wouldn't have guessed. Also, there is nothing wrong with a Prom having social, behavioral and beauty standards, since it's meant to be a higher class dance. And about that "good girl" poster: I think we have all observed the modern culture when it comes to dressing. Many girls like showing a lot of skin. Don't deny it, if you've gone to high school in recent years, you know what I'm talking about. Since as mentioned before, Prom is meant to be a mature and classy dance, so naturally the school wouldn't want you to show up wearing something overly revealing. But oh wait, dress codes are sexist because they don't allow girls to wear anything. Oops I forgot.

  • African Rhino

    African Rhino

     8 months ago

    Wow this is cancerous

  • Blade


     9 months ago


  • Logan Armstrong

    Logan Armstrong

     9 months ago

    I get what she's saying and understand that it's history but what does this have to do with today's prom.

  • fuzzeek78


     9 months ago

    this is such propaganda.  Keep on crying SJW's, everyone's out to get you!!  Grow up, get a backbone, and quit blaming other people for your pathetic life.

  • Andrew Baumann

    Andrew Baumann

     9 months ago

    So SJW

  • XxTaniaIzReactingxX


     9 months ago +2

    Anybody noticed that she skipped the 1970's ??

  • ninjapoodle22


     9 months ago

    Prom need to go. It's outdated.

  • Karina Mandarina

    Karina Mandarina

     9 months ago

    Until chapter 5 (and some signs of misogyny and racism) I don't see any wrong and evil thing at proms in history. That's just the way things were back then. I understand that at after the 60's those things shouldn't be happening because of the change of society.
    But I think it's more an issue about the culture, not the party. I'm mexican and been living in Mexico my whole life and when I was a teen never had those "elitist", racism or misogyny issues. The dress code was just "go fancy". Nothing complicated or forced.

  • I’m mildly Bored. Apologies.

    I’m mildly Bored. Apologies.

     9 months ago

    Tea ☕️