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Simone Biles Showcases Her Technique In Her Floor Routine | Summer Champions Series

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, August 21, 2018
  • Simone Biles performs her floor routine, which is the most difficult routine in the world, at U.S. Gymnastics Championships as part of the Team USA Summer Champions Series presented by Xfinity.
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  • Emma Cryan

    Emma Cryan

     11 months ago +1613

    She is so pretty like if you agree

  • Vivian Klein

    Vivian Klein

     11 months ago +598

    The thing that amazes me most ist the fact how many turns she does in the air, like how do you even learn that? What kind of process is it to get there? To have so much control about your body to do that? Impresses me a lot.

  • Steven Valencia

    Steven Valencia

     11 months ago +873

    If i was any gymnast anywhere in the world .... Id be scared. She is back better then ever

  • jeremy fuhr

    jeremy fuhr

     11 months ago +868

    Simone Biles: maybe if I smile they won't count the out of bounce😁😁

  • Sanchara


     11 months ago +331

    I feel like its easy to underestimate how much patience it takes to not twist to early. That's inspiring.

  • Comment Generator88

    Comment Generator88

     11 months ago +236

    She must be gifted or something bc she is 21 but has not peaked. She just keeps improving, wow

  • danceballetacro


     11 months ago +428

    *amazing tumbling pass but out of bounds, * huge smile because she knows THE BILES knows no limits!!!

  • Dwight Lyon

    Dwight Lyon

     7 months ago +53

    when you take nearly two years off, go back to training, and come back stronger and better than ever! She is Number 1 before even stepping out for any event.

  • Amanda Banks

    Amanda Banks

     11 months ago +57

    Omg her body is just muscle it's insane and she just extremely powerful. Go girl

  • Bquan Porter

    Bquan Porter

     11 months ago +154

    3:03 yeah who cares she will still do it its hers

  • Rachel Kruse

    Rachel Kruse

     11 months ago +102

    Her leg extension. Apart from :the incredible power of her tumbling, makes hers not to not only the most difficult but the most artistically pleasing floor routine in the world.

  • Hanna Ehrman

    Hanna Ehrman

     11 months ago +116

    might as well call it a fight to be the second best gymnast in the world if you’re not biles

  • hippopajamas


     11 months ago +49

    She is only getting better. I didn't know it was possible to get any better.

  • Nataly


     11 months ago +524

    Who else thinks she could do it better?

  • Hailey the swimmer And swiftie

    Hailey the swimmer And swiftie

     11 months ago +26

    She looks so pretty in that teal😭😭😍😍

  • xogabixo7


     11 months ago +24

    can someone tell me WHY tf they (who ever makes the rules) only allow the girls to breathe before ONE (1) tumbling pass? They're not allowed to stand with both feet in the corner, they have to dance into their tumbling passes because....?

  • Tyler Larrabee

    Tyler Larrabee

     4 months ago +7

    Ends her routine with a double double? Most gymnasts open with that pass because it’s so energy consuming. She’s literally the best of the best of the best!!!!!

  • Elisha S

    Elisha S

     8 months ago +9

    It looks so easy for her. It's like she's not even trying. She's like the Michael Jordan of gymnastics

  • William Griffin

    William Griffin

     10 months ago +16

    This girl is a powerhouse of a gymnast!! WOW! I broke my neck, back and pulled muscles just watching this!😂🤣

  • Ysabeau99


     5 days ago +3

    So even after mistakes she STILL in the lead!! You go girl!!