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  • Published on:  Monday, July 1, 2019
  • This is the greatest geek love of All Time
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     an hour ago

    I gatta go to one of these 😂😂😂

  • Yogsoth


     an hour ago

    "What are you, Catwoman or some shit?"

  • Mitzy Sandi Vallejo

    Mitzy Sandi Vallejo

     4 hours ago

    - Do you know who I am?
    - Yes! Hello Felicia!
    - Wait.. wha...
    - Bye Felicia

  • Jay Ball

    Jay Ball

     5 hours ago

    Bronies are somewhere between pedophiles and Bible Salesmen

  • Faceless


     11 hours ago

    That's up there with MMO ers LUL

  • SaturnVII


     18 hours ago

    Oh my god see this is a great example of what women go for.
    Fat, socially awkward, harmless guy? It's always going to be a pass. How can you blame them?
    Guys it's OK to be a dork. It's not OK to just be a dork.

  • Matt Fuller

    Matt Fuller

     18 hours ago

    @9:53 .... wowww!

  • Papa Putin

    Papa Putin

     18 hours ago

    1:42 So no one is gonna talk about batman with the long ears?

  • Citizenfourteen


     19 hours ago

    No wii no pusii lol

  • Real Appie

    Real Appie


    5:37 mans lookin like a mail man with the fully upgraded mail delivery suit on roblox

  • Unsung Guardian

    Unsung Guardian


    No Wii, no “We”.

  • Spook Daddy Thanatos

    Spook Daddy Thanatos


    Is anyone else wondering where she got her Juliet Starling cosplay from 😳

  • horticasey


     2 days ago

    Pretty sure Jimmy Olsen there is gay.

  • Bob Phillips

    Bob Phillips

     2 days ago

    I wish guys like that would just hit the gym. They don’t realize the more fat the have, the more potential they have for weightlifting. And it really doesn’t take much. If he’d just hit the gym for a half hour to an hour a day, in a couple months time I’m sure not only would he look better but his confidence would sky rocket. It’s frustrating how common it is

  • Bob Phillips

    Bob Phillips

     2 days ago

    I don’t play MMOs but do they really have a rep as bad as bronies? I know all kinds of people who play MMOs but from what I’ve seen, there’s only really one type of brony.

  • fake core

    fake core

     2 days ago

    Second chick Jimmy Olsen Kin headass was with could've passed as Louis Lane so I'm surprised he didn't immediately tell her to piss off out of respect for his best bro

  • WhiteRu55ian


     2 days ago

    9:43 😆😂🤣

  • Peter P

    Peter P

     2 days ago

    this is wholesome :D

  • Spellcaster49


     2 days ago +1

    the condo guy looks like reggie

  • Maxwell Hill

    Maxwell Hill

     2 days ago

    Best Charlie joke ever; "Now he's designing Defense Equipment to keep men off of his Girl!"