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'Falling in Love' - Student Animated Short Film

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, January 9, 2018
  • Musician Ashleigh Blackledge

    'Falling in Love' is a black comedy revolving around suicide. Tired of his life, our 'hero' Salomone endlessly tries to kill himself in various manners, but luckily/unluckily for him he keeps failing over and over, until he meets the woman of his dreams and falls in love with her.
    Created at Falmouth University by Animation & VFX students.


    - Best Animated Short Award Winner -
    SHORT to the Point International Short Film Festival
    December 2016

    - Official Selection -
    18th Nevermore Film Festival
    Carolina Theatre of Durham, North Carolina USA
    24th - 26th February 2017

    - Official Selection -
    DRAWTASTIC's 2D OR NOT 2D Animation Festival
    Seattle USA
    25th February 2017

    - Craft Award Winner: Production Design -
    Royal Television Society South West
    Plymouth, UK
    30th March 2017

    - Official Selection -
    Arizona International Film Festival
    Tucson USA
    19th - 30th April 2017

    - Shortlisted -
    2017 BAFTA Student Awards
    Los Angeles USA

    - Official Selection -
    Plymouth Film Festival
    Plymouth, UK
    27th - 29th May 2017

    - Official Selection -
    Quay Film Festival
    Suffolk, UK
    24th - 25th June 2017

    - Official Selection -
    We Like 'Em Short Animation and Comedy Festival
    Baker City, Oregon USA
    August 2017

    - Best Animation Award Winner -
    European Independent Film Festival (Mainstream and Underground)
    Moscow, Russia
    7th October 2017

    - Shortlisted for Best Comedy -
    London International STORY FIRST Festival
    London, UK
    January 2018


    Directed by Giacomo Ghigo
    Produced by Leonie Isaacs
    Editor: Sophie Rippington
    Sound Design: Freddy Houghton-Connell
    Musician: Ashleigh Blackledge

    - James White
    - Leigh Juggins
    - Giacomo Ghigo
    - Sophie Rippington
    - Sam Humphreys
    - Lucie Zix
    - Thomas Poole
    - Luke O'Sullivan
    - Robin Neylan-Francis

    - Dan Bowhay
    - Leigh Juggins
    - James White
    Shadow Artists
    - Emi Morgan
    - Katie Wyman
    - Prawta Annez
    - Earle Leggatt
    - Sophie Rippington
    - James White
    - Leigh Juggins

    Background Artists
    - Giacomo Ghigo
    - Megan Ryder

    Clean Up
    - Giacomo Ghigo
    - James White
    - Leigh Juggins
    - Krissy Ewins
    - Anni Kaikkonen

    - Rob Owen
    - Chris Lewin
  • Source: https://youtu.be/Zp85xOn71v8


  • Rumours From Elsewhere

    Rumours From Elsewhere

     7 months ago +136

    Catch the sequel film here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=622xwd5wt90

  • Junior Adams

    Junior Adams

     15 hours ago

    Of people want to die then they don't it makes no sense🤔

  • Samaa Eldesoky

    Samaa Eldesoky


    change the end please :'(

  • إنِسِـأّنِ فُـأّهّـمً

    إنِسِـأّنِ فُـأّهّـمً



  • Not your Bitch

    Not your Bitch

     5 days ago

    Suicide hotline

    318 - 560 - 3700

  • Nia Burnett

    Nia Burnett

     5 days ago

    I like the ending song

  • SinisterSans


     5 days ago

    Oh i get it falling but your in love

  • Eliza Jameson

    Eliza Jameson

     6 days ago

    I hate how he then has something to live for, but then dies soon enough to not enjoy it longer. This gave me mild deppresion

  • The Goat

    The Goat

     6 days ago +1

    i have never seen someone so dedicated in committing suicide...

  • Ayelen Aguidera

    Ayelen Aguidera

     7 days ago

    Cuando quieres suicidarse pero la vida quiere verte sufrir xd

  • Enoeth Ylnodna

    Enoeth Ylnodna

     7 days ago

    ....dark...but beautiful.... beautiful messege....there is always someone out there for everyone....we all need love to live.

  • Xxtenations 。。RIPX

    Xxtenations 。。RIPX

     7 days ago


  • Jae Chiie

    Jae Chiie

     7 days ago

    Literally "Love will kill you"

  • quang ly duc

    quang ly duc

     14 days ago

    Why this video is on my watch later list ?

  • Kristen Andria

    Kristen Andria

     14 days ago

    Real tears.

  • Asia Sabri

    Asia Sabri

     14 days ago

    Khe sad

  • kamikaze


     14 days ago

    Imagine that

  • Lusine Israyelyan

    Lusine Israyelyan

     21 days ago

    😭😭😭😭😭like my life😭😭😭😭😭

  • Chi


     21 days ago +1

    The thud scared tf outa me

  • Lanana


     21 days ago

    I wish i could die but am scared my mom will die for me too then who is gonna take care of the family my dad goes to work everyday