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Canadian Comedy 1

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, August 24, 2010
  • These are some Canadian comedians talking about Canada and the world. Enjoy!
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  • Ireallyreally Hategoogle

    Ireallyreally Hategoogle

     2 hours ago

    The jokes about the Canadian army are very funny.
    It's even funnier when you know Canadian fighter pilots fly U.$. planes during wars because they are better.
    You see, we actually train our soldiers to fight, and we expect them to survive wars.
    Unlike the U.$. military that trains their soldiers to obey without thinking and expect them to die for their country.
    That's why when they come back from war the U.$. government just dumps them in the streets and forget they ever existed.

  • Mike Preston-Engel

    Mike Preston-Engel


    This veteran is sick of hearing our military dissed and underrated. We have much of the most advanced equipment in the world. Do we have a lot? No. But when the shit hits we have the skill and the men and know how to use it. Laugh all you want, but we are deeply respected and revered by the majority of the world's military forces, especially the soldiers.

  • Leland Lewis

    Leland Lewis

     3 days ago +1

    All joking aside, our forces were among the best and most feared until the '60s when peacekeeping became the government's focus. I have seen interviews with German veterans who said, "We dreaded going against the Canadians." The Germans actually coined the term "storm troopers" to describe the Canadians in WWI, because we attacked, no matter the weather.

    Laugh at the jokes, but never think our troops are anything less than the best.

  • Hisham Labban

    Hisham Labban

     4 days ago

    I was smiling the entire clip but the Fiancee whose is pzzt. That got me lol

  • Someonez Mom

    Someonez Mom

     7 days ago

    I really like John Wing

  • Walter Wilkins

    Walter Wilkins

     7 days ago

    The Pretentious President has made Canada Greater . . . Again.

  • Roger Auger

    Roger Auger

     14 days ago

    We are Number 665, the Neighbor of the Beast. As well say what you want about the Canadian Military but we never lost a war. Finished a couple though. :)

  • turbojoe2


     14 days ago

    God damn, I saw this or downloaded or whatever way back when... Dial up maybe? A long ass time ago. Or did I watch it and have it on CD to play in my car? Dang I don't know. But I remember the good old days of Canadian comedy!

  • mgfan81


     21 days ago

    Warning: If you were expecting Glenn Foster, he's not here Mrs. Torrance.

  • Repsychler 808

    Repsychler 808

     21 days ago

    Nice silver eye shadow to match bow ties suit.

  • enigma


     a months ago

    check out vimy ridge before you laugh at us

  • Trumpenstein


     a months ago +1

    I thought all Canadian jokes started with "I'm sorry if this offends anyone".

  • William MacKenzie

    William MacKenzie

     a months ago

    Canada was in WWI from 1914. We were in the British Empire then so we had no choice but we showed our mettle, especially at Vimy Ridge. (I've visited the Canadian monument there and, believe me, it's very moving. When you're standing there, you're standing on Canadian soil, given by France to Canada.) In WWII, we were in it from the get-go. The Royal Canadian Navy played a vital role in keeping Britain supplied with food -- rationing in Canada helped make that possible. (It was good for our economy: government spending on the war effort helped lift Canada out of the Great Depression.) And we played a vital role in helping the Allied nations' invasion of France in 1944. The Canadian forces got so far inland , farther than either the British or the Americans, that our troops had to be pulled back lest they be cut off. One thing that always amuses me: Canada, like Britain, had a number of kilted regiments (kilts are supposed to be worn with no underpants, BTW). Both the Scots and the Canadian "kilties," lack of drawers notwithstanding, punched above their weight in both conflicts. We have a lot to be proud of.

  • First Last

    First Last

     a months ago +2

    Hey buddy, we spell it with a 'u' in Canada, humour, eh!

  • Isaac Bello

    Isaac Bello

     a months ago

    Sorry there would be no Canada without the USA bcz they give instructions to Canada what to do it’s true

  • Trevor Burt

    Trevor Burt

     a months ago

    2010, the good old days.

  • Greg Lecuyer

    Greg Lecuyer

     a months ago

    I learned all the French I need to know from Patty Labelle.

  • Jen B

    Jen B

     a months ago

    West Edmonton Mall doesn't have the submarines anymore. :/

  • Lindalee Law

    Lindalee Law

     a months ago

    You have the Mounted Police

  • 1silvervespa


     a months ago

    9:54 No one in Quebec could understand David Hyde Pierce .
    They want a translation.