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Canadian Comedy 1

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, August 24, 2010
  • These are some Canadian comedians talking about Canada and the world. Enjoy!
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  • Rumplestiltskin love111

    Rumplestiltskin love111

     5 years ago +108

    "here comes the canadians with plastic knifes and forks flee the village"

  • Tanner Woods

    Tanner Woods

     5 years ago +78


  • Debbie Defies the Odds Deb M

    Debbie Defies the Odds Deb M

     1 months ago +41

    As a Canadian I can say with full confidence that the majority of us love to laugh and enjoy comedians that do the Canadian skits.
    Laughing is a gift we all need

  • Matt Odlum

    Matt Odlum

     2 years ago +83

    had a friend from saskatchewan whos wife left him, he could see her waking away for 6 days...

  • Kiwi Jx

    Kiwi Jx

     5 years ago +30

    1:03 so I think this is were Hetalia got the ider...

  • Deba Dev

    Deba Dev

     2 months ago +39

    Ok but you have to take Canada with you. His face 😂😂😂. Love Canadians they are like Australians with jackets on

  • ray benstead

    ray benstead


    Like the way he takes the piss out of the south Canadians (the USA)

  • Tyler James

    Tyler James

     5 years ago +49

    Man i don't care who jokes about canada, im from canada and i am not bothered by it, they're just words coming out of people's mouths, not a big deal

  • saultube44


     6 hours ago

    They make fun of Canada not having guns or armed forces, and that for me it's why I like Canada even more to go live than the USA, I think that's so good for Canada, way higher quality of life

  • pjr1525


     10 hours ago

    We were accepted for immigration to Canada many years ago but we never had the courage to make the leap ...... regretted it ever since.

  • The wicked_gamer13

    The wicked_gamer13

     2 years ago +14

    west Edmonton mall❤❤💞💞

  • eibbor171


     21 days ago +7

    Quick hide the fire wood the Canadians are coming XD



     4 days ago +1

    Help! I live in Chile! (BTW, NOT Chili.)

  • GamerGuy249


     21 days ago +6

    I'm so excited for Canadian comedy 2. Should be out soon.

  • theheatherknox


     1 months ago +7

    No...a real Canadian war is everyone coming out with hockey sticks and gear on. That’s when you know you’re in trouble!!

  • Eric Gagnon

    Eric Gagnon

     21 days ago +5

    I'm a Canadian, and this is really funny!

  • voxer99


     1 months ago +4

    The guy in the bowtie is pretty good! Nice suit too.

  • TayR0C


     8 months ago +4

    Going to see Jeremy Hotz on Feb. 2 my bday. He's one of my faves, unfortunately rarely has new material. Hopefully this show is all new material.

  • Kaya Peterson

    Kaya Peterson

     5 years ago +8

    Its just the stereotype that's funny, I'm positive they all know that Canada has a pretty badass military.

  • A Voice Over IP

    A Voice Over IP

     5 years ago +3

    Yeah, it's almost like this is a video of years-old recordings, from back when the Canadian Armed Forces /was/ a joke, or something...