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ZAYN, Zhavia Ward - A Whole New World (Lyrics)

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  • Published on:  Thursday, May 9, 2019
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  • The Other Side

    The Other Side

     3 months ago +4773

    Zayn voice = emotions

  • Naura Tari

    Naura Tari

     2 months ago +7510

    Yg orang indonesia like

  • Meisya ponny

    Meisya ponny

     2 months ago +2415

    Orang Indonesia mana suara nyaa!
    Siapa yg nonton di bulan Mei-juli 2019

  • aemon hateslemon

    aemon hateslemon

     3 months ago +1980

    That arabian melody hit my soul

  • XxZodiac WolfxX

    XxZodiac WolfxX

     3 months ago +2712

    This is a ‘zayn should be Aladdin’ button

  • intan Plato

    intan Plato

     2 months ago +816

    Siapa yang ulang2 buka ni lagu?

  • Betlang Rympei

    Betlang Rympei

     2 days ago +2

    Ohh noo my Zayn ..your voice makes me crazy..😍😍😍😍

  • rivandi syah

    rivandi syah

     2 months ago +303

    A Whole New World
    Amazing 😘
    I From Indonesian

  • haeitz. laula

    haeitz. laula

     2 months ago +398

    Wish me luck im gonna sing this at graduation💕💖
    Edit: ty for all the comments and yes, i did it!

  • Jordan Whisman

    Jordan Whisman

     1 months ago +302

    My dad: Is that one of the boys from one direction?
    Me: Yes dad that's Zayn
    My dad: Damn they were holding him back
    Annddddd that was a punch in the stomach because i never realized how true it was...

  • kfxnty


     3 months ago +336

    why do I want to cry so bad listening to this

  • TCubillas


     3 months ago +591

    This duet sounds like Heaven! Zayn sounds great, but Zhavia REALLY shows off her voice! Lil Z has come a looong way since her debut as a 16-yr old on The Four last year, to signing with Sony/Columbia, to featuring in 'Deadpool 2's' main song, 'Welcome to the Party' to 20+ million views on 1st original song, 'Candlelight', which was #1 trending on YT to now a duet on Alladin's principal song. Wow. Just wow. Zhavia is KILLING the game!!!

  • amanda noelle

    amanda noelle

     3 months ago +609

    this song makes me want to know more about zhavia!!

  • Reva Sena

    Reva Sena

     2 months ago +353

    Hi me from indonesia
    Hi all

  • Milica Mrvaljevic

    Milica Mrvaljevic

     3 months ago +370

    He sounds like a real prince and she sounds like a real princess but I don't know how but it's like Zayn was made to sing this song and he looks like the Aladdin from the movie and he is our real life Aladdin. This is an amazing colabaration❤❤❤

  • M Almonte

    M Almonte

     3 months ago +143

    Magical Voices 🥰
    I love them duet together. They are meant to sing this wonderful song. Zayn could be the Aladdin. And her the Princess lol. Beautiful people.

  • zhenia maulida fitri

    zhenia maulida fitri

     3 months ago +274

    I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it.
    Okay, Zayn always made us so proud of him.
    Big proud for our Zayn and Zhavia too!

  • Hani Nazar

    Hani Nazar

     3 months ago +294

    Perfect duet for the song. True A WHOLE NEW WORLD

  • Ghani Naoval

    Ghani Naoval

     3 months ago +218

    wish i could borrow zayn's voice, i would never stop singing

  • shafia radzi

    shafia radzi

     13 hours ago

    Zayn makes Aladdin sounds like backstreet boys