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Worst Effort Plays in US Sports Compilation

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  • Published on:  Saturday, May 19, 2018
  • Some of the worst effort plays in sports. Mostly from basketball, baseball, and football, because those are the sports where you see the most lack of effort.

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  • Special Ed yaay

    Special Ed yaay

     10 hours ago

    James Harden is considered to be a mvp

  • Unidentified User

    Unidentified User

     19 hours ago

    This is why the players of the worst teams should get pay a lot more...

  • Robert GH

    Robert GH


    It's all rigged guys, don't gamble your money.

  • Man of The sword

    Man of The sword


    You should show the cowboys whole 2019 season .

  • Six Beer Math

    Six Beer Math


    black people being lazy? Naw, can't say that, stereotypes are racist and not based on anything in reality

  • IamATN


     yesterday +1

    5:15 my mans missed twice “wide open” on wouldn’t have saw him as a threat either 😂

  • IamATN


     yesterday +1

    If the first dude wasn’t in his feelings they could have gotten that out 😂🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Ayden Simpson

    Ayden Simpson

     yesterday +1

    Is anyone really surprised most of these are baseball

  • Evan Jennings

    Evan Jennings


    i like how the thumbnail is the dolphins

  • R34 Mongol

    R34 Mongol

     2 days ago

    Title: Worst Effort plays in US sports
    Thumbnail: Miami Dolphins
    Me, a Flordian: I knew it would come to this

  • WouterBMX


     2 days ago

    I have seen the first clip with the baseballplayer a few times now, I really think he didnt look for the ball becaude he thought it went over the wall...

  • Jamal Bunyon

    Jamal Bunyon

     2 days ago

    2:22 how in the ever living fuck is that Evans fault number 22 literally let him run by without even a push lmao

  • Robinson Chistian

    Robinson Chistian

     2 days ago

    How do you show the same play twice

  • Adam


     2 days ago

    Funny stuff



     3 days ago


  • Carlos Maldonado

    Carlos Maldonado

     3 days ago

    3:07 cam bro even the reff went after the ball lol.

  • Skorpiontamer


     3 days ago

    Man throws his glove instead of the ball

  • Gamer


     3 days ago

    If I remember correctly, isn’t the LeBron clip from the game he played 48 minutes? Dude needs to rest at some point, I feel like that was measured

  • Jonathan Bogdanavich

    Jonathan Bogdanavich

     3 days ago +2

    I never knew one of my family members we're on the basketball team until they said my last name

    No joke he says bogdanovich at 5:40

  • TruthfulImmigrant


     4 days ago

    The problem I have with 2:20 is not the lack of effort, the NFL has become such a pussy league that if he had stepped out of bounds and #22 pushed him out after, he would have gotten a penalty, so I can understand why he let up there.