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iOS 12 Beta 4! 55 New Features/Changes

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, July 18, 2018
  • iOS 12 Beta 4 Released With Many Interesting Changes! 55 NEW Features & Changes! Lots To Love In This One! Full Breakdown.

    Last, iOS 12 Beta 3:
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    Top 12 iOS 12 Features:
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  • Pete Liu

    Pete Liu

     6 months ago

    New version don’t have dark mode?

  • The Restoration of Dr Who

    The Restoration of Dr Who

     7 months ago

    I got this on my iPad and it fucked it up..... constantly freezes and is unusable. Cannot use my iPad anymore, it’s fucked.

  • Dee Mundy

    Dee Mundy

     7 months ago

    Great video! Do you have a link for the Orange wallpaper? Thanks in advance

  • LUSFNA48


     8 months ago

    Where do you get these wallpapers with the big iOS numbers on them?

  • Bruno Santos

    Bruno Santos

     8 months ago

    the sound at the keyboardremoved louder try to see. thanks

  • Keegan Mackway-Jones

    Keegan Mackway-Jones

     9 months ago

    Hey how do I report a glitch in this update?

  • Jayvee Ambre

    Jayvee Ambre

     9 months ago

    Great video! Next time try iphone 6 features !

  • Kimberly Wojciechowski

    Kimberly Wojciechowski

     10 months ago

    When are they released the beta 3/4

  • h4x0rl33tee


     10 months ago

    No ground breaking changes

  • Nick


     10 months ago

    Has anyone else have issues with AirPods not showing battery when opening the case??

  • Vernon Nyaywa

    Vernon Nyaywa

     a years ago


  • Shuborna Begum

    Shuborna Begum

     a years ago

    Is it worth installing it the new update beta

  • Marie Wallace

    Marie Wallace

     a years ago

    How do you find such lil detail such as in Apple music, the lines are a lil higher. I dont think i would of even noticed that. You have a good eye

  • Rui Lopes

    Rui Lopes

     a years ago

    I recently got iphone 5s and i hope it stills gets updates because this is one of the best iphones made in my opinion im in love with this phone i want future updates on this one

  • Samuel Kurucz

    Samuel Kurucz

     a years ago

    every time. the newer beta is on different size, wtf

  • Zeeshan Qayum

    Zeeshan Qayum

     a years ago

    can you please share link for "developers Beta" profile,some how it got removed from my phone and not getting developers beta from any where

  • Speedy Airsoft

    Speedy Airsoft

     a years ago

    Is it worth getting?

  • Jessica Anderson

    Jessica Anderson

     a years ago


  • Aron 26

    Aron 26

     a years ago


  • underscoretb


     a years ago

    2:23 I have an iPhone 5S running iOS 11.1.2, and when I turn off the Airplane Mode, i have the same animation when searching for signal. Why? Because that's not a new feature.