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Horrible Youtube Cooking Show

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  • Published on:  Saturday, May 18, 2019
  • This is the greatest cooking show of All Time
  • Source: https://youtu.be/_aktyXRudwk


  • Moxxie's Girl

    Moxxie's Girl

     6 hours ago

    If you eat before your meal with your girlfriend and she ends up eating more than you because she's actually hungry, then she's gonna feel horrible about herself and the night is probably gonna be awkward. (not all women are insecure about this so I'm not speaking for everyone)

  • Drake Pietryga

    Drake Pietryga

     12 hours ago

    Wtf with the mayonnaise

  • catmuffin69 lol

    catmuffin69 lol

     14 hours ago

    Probably great minuse the olives

  • chu bei jie

    chu bei jie

     21 hours ago

    I dont know who is this review guy but he is rude. Just plain rude.

  • Undistinguished Lyricist

    Undistinguished Lyricist

     22 hours ago

    Not a speck of seasoning. Smh

  • Drake Hite

    Drake Hite


    My chest was hurting watching this

  • Paolo Tosi

    Paolo Tosi


    Omfg raw pasta dumped directly in the cheese-tomatosauce-ricotta blend and sour cream, i feel like throwing up just seeing that

  • Kali



    He said not to make a heavy meal.

    That was a lot of food.

  • Jeremy Lee Potocki

    Jeremy Lee Potocki


    With that much cheese in your meals forget using Ex-Lax to unclog you you need freaken Roto-Rooter.

  • rivitril



    The actual "eat before you eat" and "don't do a heavy meal" is a legit good advise

  • Ann _ Nicola

    Ann _ Nicola


    He's actually gotten better :D

  • Pavle Marković

    Pavle Marković



  • GVC Pipe

    GVC Pipe


    Throws a bunch of tomatoes on chicken and calls it seasoning

  • Scott Baumann

    Scott Baumann

     2 days ago

    it's always for guys or "the guy way" with this dude. there is no way to up-play any masculinity while spooning mayonnaise into any dish

  • Ben Dover

    Ben Dover

     2 days ago

    Their Arteries must be clogged up as fuck

  • Adam Amsden

    Adam Amsden

     2 days ago

    Cheat day be dammed

  • David Gagnon

    David Gagnon

     2 days ago

    Let Me Guess...........Your Mom Abandoned you and your kiddo Dad?
    Because you are a classic case of ALL the signs.

  • pissoffyoutubejustletmefuckingcomment.hodor.


     2 days ago

    all it has to do is taste good and it'll taste delicious. trustyoume


  • Michael Lombard

    Michael Lombard

     2 days ago

    Isnt a cheesecake a fucking dessert Jack!

  • Sammy Florczak

    Sammy Florczak

     2 days ago

    I don't even have words...