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Horrible Youtube Cooking Show

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  • Published on:  Saturday, May 18, 2019
  • This is the greatest cooking show of All Time
  • Source: https://youtu.be/_aktyXRudwk


  • The Amazing Blazing Asian

    The Amazing Blazing Asian

     3 months ago +5689

    My girlfriend liked the meal so much she threw it up so I could have some of it too. Thanks Charlie!

  • yDibZ


     2 months ago +1252

    bro his second bite at 4:05 was literally a dollop of sour cream with two olives

  • Tuukka


     2 months ago +797

    "Whats in the fridge?"
    "seven kilos of cheese and some minced meat"
    "any mayo though? I can make it work if there's mayo"

  • Raydon Ward

    Raydon Ward

     2 months ago +163

    When your cooking is so unhealthy that McDonald's seems like a more healthy option

  • Plasmaniax


     2 months ago +673

    Mayor Mayonnaise and Mistress Mozarella: Episode 1- The Attack Of The Heart Attack

  • Jean Marceaux

    Jean Marceaux

     3 months ago +1970

    This stuff is what Gordon Ramsay sees during a sleep paralysis.

  • Bukkake Bill【汚い外人】

    Bukkake Bill【汚い外人】

     3 months ago +445

    "I wonder if people In his Bible study are still alive"
    There's a reason why he makes food that clogs up arteries and give heart attacks. Is so they can see Jesus soon.

  • ImSalt


     2 months ago +253

    Jack’s guy tip:don’t make a heavy meal
    Literally 9 seconds later
    * dumps 3.5 pounds of cheese and a entire jar of salsa *

  • Zac Blac

    Zac Blac

     2 months ago +337

    god cannot stop this man

  • mona


     3 months ago +294

    i appreciate how he's like, "GUYS NIGHT GIRLS GTFO"
    then realizes he has no idea wtf he's doing and has his mom do the video

  • Luis Ferreira

    Luis Ferreira

     3 months ago +3366

    This is a pretty accurate representation of how europeans imagine american cuisine

  • Toast


     2 months ago +136

    Now, just add virgin blood to richen the mayo-cheese-salsa combo's flavor

  • Cinnamon Rabbit

    Cinnamon Rabbit

     28 days ago +42

    Usually I don't get offended by things... but as an Italian, his lazy man's lasagna unironically offends me.

  • LivingCheese


     2 months ago +87

    This video convinced me to work out more and to eat healthier. Thanks big moist critical Penguin.



     2 months ago +96

    The king of mayo himself can obviously only have an equal helper. The cheese Queen

  • MakeYoutubeGreatAgain


     3 months ago +1041

    "Don't make a heavy meal"
    Literally makes an entree that's 1500 calories per serving

  • sarah kys

    sarah kys

     2 months ago +363

    The mistress of cheese
    The Cinderella of cheese
    The madam of mozzarella
    The enchantress of cheddar
    The goddess of Gouda
    The queen of queso
    The mother of mascarpone
    The protector of provolone
    The bringer of brie
    The Cinderella of mozzarella
    Please like, I worked really hard of putting together these works of art

  • SlapHappyJelly


     2 months ago +45

    This is truly HORRENDOUS. It's 4am and I cant stop watching this train wreck.

  • snemul


     2 months ago +21

    Oh, you think this is bad? Guess you didn't fully dive into the S A L M O N E L L A parts yet. I implore you to further explore the Cooking with Jack show

  • Radiofloyd


     yesterday +1

    Here's 3.5 pounds of cheese and some dirt from my fake nails. Enjoy!