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30 Year Old IMAX Film Projector Is Still Running/POV

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, March 19, 2019
  • I am an IMAX 15/70mm and 35mm Projectionist currently running Film at The Maritime Aquarium. The Projector you see and most of the equipment is one of the oldest and still operational out of a hand full of remaining Film theaters in the world that have yet to convert to Digital. The Movie I am setting up is an Original IMAX Production called Superpower Dogs Released in March of 2019. The Film is Narrated By Chris Evans #ChrisEvans #IMAXFilm #FilmProjectionist #imax70mmfilm #35mmfilm
  • Source: https://youtu.be/_uFyp1WS1Fw


  • UncleWalter1


     11 minutes ago

    I remember being a kid growing up in the 90s and going to the drive in. There were three screens all being fed by film projectors in a small building in the middle of the lot and being managed by one guy sling film around. Whenever I got bored of the film, I'd go and watch the projectionist work. I really want to be a projectionist when I grew up, but by the time I was old enough to work, cinemas had pretty much gone digital. Ended up becoming a sound engineer, which is great, but there's still something that pulls at me a little bit when I see this.

  • Everything


     3 hours ago

    hands too rough man

  • Pp Lime

    Pp Lime

     4 hours ago

    Spaceship operator ....

  • Old Radios & Phonographs

    Old Radios & Phonographs

     14 hours ago

    Never imagined this being this complicated, but I have to say you have some talent that was never appreciated until now...great job! Good to see someone who actual knows what they are doing...teach our kids please...if you can get them off their phones.

  • TheAngryFinnishPerson


     21 hours ago

    have you ever spliced single frames of porn into family films?

  • Andrew Khanoff

    Andrew Khanoff


    Just wow!

  • D G

    D G


    What is that horrible "scrapping" noise that happens as you were rotating that big thing in the center? Looks like the main projector thing..??

  • D G

    D G


    0:43 how many of you paused the video to look over all of the equipment in the rack as he went to adjust that knob?! 😁

  • Kenneth



    Large Format 70mm IMAX at 1.43:1 Aspect Ratio. Love it.

  • Ground Zero

    Ground Zero

     2 days ago

    Amazing to see that thing yet going 🙀

  • Autumn Miss Epic

    Autumn Miss Epic

     3 days ago

    oh my GOD THATS SO COOL!!!

  • Petko Iordanov

    Petko Iordanov

     3 days ago

    A 1000 things to check , but the experience in unlike anything else

  • Andrew Breckill

    Andrew Breckill

     3 days ago

    I kinda thought if the film had to be handled you Would wear white gloves or something. Can skin oils degrade film? I assumed they would but could be wrong.

  • Хохлы обосрались на весь мир

    Хохлы обосрались на весь мир

     3 days ago

    Работал я киномехаником сразу на три зала ответственности дохрена а платят нихрена.

  • Nic Thomas

    Nic Thomas

     3 days ago +1

    Thanks for sharing, what a labor intensive job with no margin for error and I'd swap my job for yours in an instant.

  • ben smith

    ben smith

     4 days ago

    wow the projector so massive,and the film must weigh to much for one person,or maybe a special sort of crane,to move it around,interesting,no wonder imax films look and sound so spectacular.

  • -SakiSkai-


     4 days ago

    This makes me moist.

  • Elfie Huber

    Elfie Huber

     4 days ago

    May i ask what connects to the Marantz Preamp? We got a same looking in our home cinema an AV 7005 connected to a MM 7055 power amp. Is that for the pre show or does it more?

  • ShadowHerder


     4 days ago +1

    I picture myself knee deep in a rats nest of expensive film screaming for it to stop

  • Lewis Johnson

    Lewis Johnson

     5 days ago

    One of the best jobs in the world