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Pranks and Scares Compilation || Funny Videos

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, October 22, 2019
  • #findmeafunnyvideo #pranks #scares

    Pranks and Scares Compilation, what are friends for?

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  • Mr. Manson

    Mr. Manson

     an hour ago +1

    3:20 0,25 and stop

  • spacebound universe

    spacebound universe

     20 hours ago +1

    6:57 you owe wela an apology. Lmao She was not having it! #Classicspanishgrandma

  • Alex Lunar

    Alex Lunar

     20 hours ago

    9:53 how?

  • spacebound universe

    spacebound universe

     20 hours ago

    1:49 savage's!!!

  • Christopher Tolley

    Christopher Tolley


    Don't joke to a mum that her babies gone, that shits cruel as fuck




    про яйцо об лоб, смешно вышло , она подумала что ей голову проломилии




    I must say at 9:28 I enjoyed the egg on forehead the most ....

  • All is self Beall

    All is self Beall

     yesterday +1

    Thanks for your funny videos. I just subbed to your channel as well. Keep up the awesome work.
    Wholeness balance and positive vibrations

  • Nico Rose

    Nico Rose

     2 days ago

    Every one of these people need slap therapy. These pranks are totally moronic !

  • Little Rascal

    Little Rascal

     3 days ago +1

    Most of these people are not funny they are just aholes

  • Manic Mailman

    Manic Mailman

     3 days ago +4

    9:18 I like the way that egg was brandished.

  • Markus Andrew

    Markus Andrew

     3 days ago

    Dropping food and stuff on people from behind is boring. If you're gonna prank, put some imagination into it, like the dude pretending to shart in the store.

  • ubadzedanz yeah

    ubadzedanz yeah

     3 days ago

    4:31 is it ryan dunn?

  • Misel Zivanovic

    Misel Zivanovic

     3 days ago

    Wondering what this guy in green t-shirt was having on his mind?

  • Deja Morris

    Deja Morris

     4 days ago +7

    1:05 she's so cute and that accent😁💖🙂

  • Makumi Wainaina

    Makumi Wainaina

     4 days ago

    Ice cream guy is awesome. @7:57

  • FireFlareon27


     5 days ago +1

    On the last part how did they do that kind of magic?

  • Jackie Kellmen

    Jackie Kellmen

     5 days ago +1

    that isnt funny when u do that stuff to old pepole

  • Alexander Tsanga

    Alexander Tsanga

     5 days ago +3

    Where is the Baby !!! , sounds like good Mother..

  • David Crotty Nangle

    David Crotty Nangle

     6 days ago

    5:08 JAZZ HANDS