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New Inventions for Chainsaw That Are on Another Level

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  • Published on:  Sunday, May 19, 2019
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  • Innovative Techs

    Innovative Techs

     2 months ago +1

    Hi friends! See also:

  • chili cheesemf

    chili cheesemf

     5 days ago

    Carbon fiber chainsaw with fuel injection? I need this in my life, for reasons

  • guy tremblay

    guy tremblay

     6 days ago

    we used a tool the same kind to build a log cabin, . After about 8 logs the thickness of the logs were so different at both ends and along the logs that we had to look at it work to find out where the problem was .

    After inspection we noticed that the chain saw blade was bending on both side irradicly so we said Ok must be a bad quality of steel so we bought a real quality one . On the first log after that the cut was pretty much even all the way with maybe a tiny difference at some points so we continued and at the 8th log we could see the differences just by the eye. and we told ourself WTF ? Same dam problem as before .

    So we intalled a steel bar from the end of the blade to the armature of the saw and made sure that the blade wouldn't bend this time . We installed it and then we tried it out . The logs started in a good fashion but suddenly it started to have restriction and became harder and harder to push and thats when we noticed that the log had 1 inch difference in the middle than it had at the start . We took the chain and blade off and as i inspected the chain i notice that the tooth were not exactly even so i figured maybe thats why the blade tries to bend when it cuts but the defferences between both teeth was so insignificant on both side that that i wondered if i was maybe wrong about it. But i decided to buy a mechanical digital sharpener . dam that thing still cut uneven .

    So again we bought a new blade and chain and this time we constently used the mecahnical sharpener and again 8 logs later it was doing the same dam thing . Thats when we notice that after 8 logs the new blade had warned out in the slot so we flipped it and then it cut pretty strait for about 3 logs and then it started to variate untill the 8th the logs looked awfull again ..

    So we told ourself jesus christ this system is not able to take long cuts like that without accelerating the wear and tear on the blade and chain . So we abandoned the dam thing and now we use a real portable sawmill . Problem solved .

    We tried to sell the dam thing but this system already had made its reputation all over the region and no one wanted to buy such a system in fear of almost garanteed deception .. To me this system is total crap as long as you will introduce a chain saw in it as mean to cut logs

  • TennCutty


     7 days ago

    Running a one man auger in flipflops??? What an idiot! Thumbs down

  • Heli Copter

    Heli Copter

     7 days ago to loose all of your toes at 2.46.....

  • U.P PredatorX

    U.P PredatorX

     14 days ago

    The log wizard has been out for many years and the earth auger isn't new either

  • Crafty42


     14 days ago

    WTH does the auger have to do with a chainsaw invention? I wasn't going to buy an auger, but now that you mention I can monitor the fuel level easily, it's a must buy!

  • Don Bray

    Don Bray

     21 days ago +1

    I wouldn’t use it with thongs on, as seen in video!

  • Hotdog Nonesky

    Hotdog Nonesky

     21 days ago

    So much misinformation. Wow

  • tloutfitter


     21 days ago +2


  • O5fordgtx1


     a months ago +1

    Will you please stop using the stupid metric measuring system

  • ShoeProducer


     a months ago

    at 2:18 dude's gonna wreck his apple watch

  • JM2A JM2A

    JM2A JM2A

     a months ago

    I have a power mate auger and the engine is extremely hard to start. I have to pull it a minimum of 12 times before it will stay running and that was out of the box.

  • Colt Jansen

    Colt Jansen

     a months ago

    Any more info on terra trencher and the mini stump grinder

  • Don Wallace

    Don Wallace

     a months ago +2

    My toilet could do with a log wizard

  • Bob Visser

    Bob Visser

     a months ago

    dug allot of holes with my ice auger with modified blades

  • M.F.


     a months ago +1

    2:47 ready for the first aid

  • Benny Nielsen

    Benny Nielsen

     a months ago

    As usual with this poster most of the stuff in this video is misleading and down right wrong as many of these gadgets can't also be used as the chainsaw they are supposed to be meant for. Thumbs down... as usual.

  • Bob Powers

    Bob Powers

     a months ago

    It's just a long advertisment. Nothing about actual chainsaws. WTF?

  • T M

    T M

     a months ago +1

    hold on was that guy using the hand-held power auger with flip-flops on..?