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REPLAY: Day 4 – HOT ROD Drag Week from Maryland International Raceway

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  • Published on:  Thursday, September 12, 2019
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  • Brandon Sheldon

    Brandon Sheldon

     6 days ago

    I have to say: Tabscot is my favorite drag week racer to date. His Camaro isn't over the top, yet it's super clean. He has the thing set up to just plain work, and his consistency year in and year out is amazing. Hat's off to you sir. You are the kind of racer anyone would want to emulate.

  • Jamie Hayden

    Jamie Hayden

     6 days ago

    Kingswood at 3 hours and 1 min

  • Dope Mx

    Dope Mx

     7 days ago

    From Ontario Canada just outside Toronto

  • Neill Barry

    Neill Barry

     7 days ago

    Watchin from Perth Australia, Roadkill came here once...

  • JeepYJ91


     7 days ago

    GASSER MIATA class for Drag Week 2020???

  • Alexthelion2


     7 days ago

    David Fribuger I have had the Theme from the early Australian sitcom "Kingswood Country" for the past Three days. The Holden Kingswood was a staple of Australian roads in the 70's

  • Gary Brooks

    Gary Brooks

     7 days ago

    I went to this track in the 70’s and took my kids there in 80’s and 90’s always a lot of fun!

  • supersevenn


     7 days ago

    wow what an end to the day 4!!!

  • Chad N

    Chad N

     7 days ago

    Thankfully that Magnante character isn't hosting again, his stupid face and head flopping all over the place. It's a shame he's the host of Junkyard Gold, makes the show unwatchable.

  • Riley Chapman

    Riley Chapman

     7 days ago +1

    The thumbnail is actually Thunder Valley at Bristol Motor Speedway in Bristol Tn.

  • supra_rankin


     7 days ago

    What the supra run

  • Ford AU

    Ford AU

     7 days ago

    Talk to Aussies about Kingswoods ..... They will not be impressed with commentary :)

  • Alex Taylor

    Alex Taylor

     7 days ago

    Did the 4Runner make a pass today? I missed it

  • Bill Taylor

    Bill Taylor

     7 days ago

    Another dam mustang with chevy motor in it...



     7 days ago

    1:52:25 😱🤯 Jesus Christ ✝️

  • thephranc


     7 days ago +1

    Why did you guys skip Capitol?

  • LDN Wholesale

    LDN Wholesale

     7 days ago

    The green wagon is being driven by Rob Abbott and Harry Haigs son Corny?
    As for Kingswoods and their more basic brethren Harry races and mid 7 sec Holden HQ Belmont SS. And a HQ KINGSWOOD.
    Watch some old Heathcote clips for it in action.
    Alloy tailshafts? Not good for racing, I have seen a few do that. Also they sometimes do not fit under a modded car. A steel 3" is supposed to be the same strength but I have never seen one fail like that. Though I have twisted one slightly. It shook really bad at 160mph plus. This on a road race car. Lucky I had a spare!

  • N3WMAN


     7 days ago +39

    Cresta & Barra Mustang

  • j jock

    j jock

     7 days ago

    Way to go Mike!!!!

  • 2017 Ford Escape S VIN 1FMCU0F72HUC91915

    2017 Ford Escape S VIN 1FMCU0F72HUC91915

     7 days ago +1

    I found like 3 Brand New Ford GT's for sale. Forgot to add that in the chat.