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how to put together an outfit 101

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  • Published on:  Thursday, November 1, 2018
  • instagram ➭ for weekly vids ➭ INFO LINKED BELOW ⇩⇩⇩shop my thrift finds ➭ ➭ @bestdressedmy second channel ➭ to outfit styling 101. your TA will be handing out your syllabus shortly. topics covered on your final include tips for styling patterns, mixing colors and textures, and dressing up a basic outfit.① BASIC AFsweater: urban outfitters (sold out, similar: re/done ( urban outfitters ( nasty gal (sold out, similar:, urban outfitters ( en route (, use code BESTDRESSED for 20% off)② STYLING A PLAID SKIRTtan sweater: everlane (, more affordable: skirt: urban outfitters ( thrifted (similar: amazon ( nasty gal (sold out, similar:, en route (, use code BESTDRESSED for 20% off)③ PLAYING WITH COLORdress: urban outfitters (on sale! thriftedcorduroy heels: topshop ( the knee boots: zara (, more affordable: en route (, use code BESTDRESSED for 20% off)④ PUNK ROCK PANTSplaid pants: urban outfitters ( forever 21 (similar:, jacket: asos (similar:, mejuri ( martens vintage 1460s (, or a slightly cheaper option:⑤ OVERSIZED BLAZERblazer: zara ( turtleneck: urban outfitters ( urban outfitters ( urban outfitters ( mejuri ( amazon ( nasty gal (sold out, similar:, A Qwhat’s your name? ashleywhat’s your instagram? @best.dressedhow old are you? 20how tall are you? 5'5"what’s your ethnicity? half british and half burmesewhat equipment do you use to film? ➭ camera: ➭ lens: ➭ vlog camera: ➭ voiceover mic: ➭ on camera mic: ➭ editing: final cut proFTC: Not sponsored. Some of the links above are affiliate links, which means that I receive a small commission of sales made via the link.
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  • astr0 apr1l

    astr0 apr1l

     4 months ago +6924

    a plain sweater and a pair of jeans-
    something you hopefully all own-

  • Avid Reader

    Avid Reader

     5 months ago +5830

    I failed the first step... I don't have a plain sweater.

  • Come At Me Bro

    Come At Me Bro

     4 months ago +1937

    Step 1.
    Actually have clothes

  • B :

    B :

     2 months ago +1131

    do not insult middle school ashley with her skin tight jeggings like that

  • Kemi Adedipe

    Kemi Adedipe

     6 months ago +4570

    Where does she shop because I don’t see such good pieces anywhere😩

  • Iconic Vines

    Iconic Vines

     2 months ago +852

    holy shot you’re good at putting together outfits, could you put together my life?

  • toilingtrouble


     28 days ago +229

    "uses the word yasss all the time but doesn't actually give a shit about gay rights type of basic" incredible

  • lidia l

    lidia l

     3 months ago +1692

    "There's hardly any boob" I can relate so much.

  • catherine ryu

    catherine ryu

     6 months ago +2556

    If you think Ashley’s talking fast... two words for you JAMES 👏 CHARLES

  • stephanie !

    stephanie !

     6 months ago +1977

    who else is watching this after she said she was really sad during this video because of a bad fight she had with david?

  • Tammie Madison

    Tammie Madison

     5 months ago +585

    She is beauty
    She is grace
    She punches fashion in the face
    I'm so pathetic

  • __ kim

    __ kim

     6 months ago +456

    i was colorblind
    until you brought color to my life YEEEET

  • Astra Allurity

    Astra Allurity

     2 months ago +311

    Who else cant wear skirts That short 😂😂😂

  • Pastel Julia

    Pastel Julia

     3 months ago +354

    ashley can you please do a lookbook on how to dress when its rainy/cold. i live in the netherlands and the weather is litterly the worst. its super rainy

  • cj222100


     3 months ago +279

    I wish I was rich & I could hire you to be my stylist. I really think styling is an art, that many don't appreciate. I know what I like, but putting it all together into a cohesive outfit that doesn't feel like a costume or like I'm not me is a struggle. Even when you know the tips & whatnot.

  • Sydonie Marin

    Sydonie Marin

     4 months ago +268

    I love how the “winter” versions from all outfits are literally a summer version for where I live... love them though

  • schlond poofa

    schlond poofa

     3 months ago +122

    i wish we can do this in the Philippines without being judged

  • n a l a . u d b

    n a l a . u d b

     21 days ago +65

    Step 1:
    don't be insecure about your body.
    Yeah.... I think I already failed...

  • Nurul Alam

    Nurul Alam

     4 months ago +40

    "you should have a sweater, hopefully"
    How did I already mess up

  • Mr Worldwide Pitbull

    Mr Worldwide Pitbull

     4 months ago +120

    How to be good at making outfits:
    Watch Ashley’s videos.