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DOCS: Death Row - Inside Indiana State Prison Ep.1

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  • Published on:  Sunday, September 24, 2017
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    Veteran broadcaster Trevor McDonald ventures inside one of America’s most notorious maximum security prisons - Indiana State. Behind its walls he comes face to face with the 12 condemned men awaiting execution on Death Row and some of the other 1900 inmates most of which are convicted of murder. And there is a visit to the 1950’s style prison barber shop where all the hairdressers are convicts. Trevor meets Rick Pearish who is serving 3 life sentences. Pearish explains why the barbers are allowed cut throat razors and sharp implements inside a maximum security prison.

    CREDIT: ITV Global

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  • Welders Matter

    Welders Matter

     an hour ago

    How did the guy realize that cat wasn't a boy ?

  • Welders Matter

    Welders Matter

     an hour ago

    The hair on the edge of this dudes lips is annoying to look at lol

  • Robin Mantell

    Robin Mantell

     2 hours ago

    Don’t kid yourself, we are safer and they are free, (dead).

  • Forest Whitaker's Eye

    Forest Whitaker's Eye

     2 hours ago

    Do the crime, do the time. No sympathy here.

  • Amanda Taylor

    Amanda Taylor

     14 hours ago

    In the he end, no pun intended but prison IS ALL ABOUT THE MONEY. Inmate steals/kills/Rob's runss, All for money, in one way or another. The jails and prisons are paid per inmate, it's all about the money, People with ENOUGH MONEY BUY THEIR WAY OUT, starting with bail, then GOOD attorneys, ability to pay fines. IT ALL, AND I MEAN ALL of it from birth to death is ABOUT THE MONEY. America is MAKING ITS MONEY OFF THE BACKS OF THE POOREST PEOPLE IN AMERICA, the ones with what...NO MONEY. Those who are forced to survive everyday of their lives in desperate need of what...MONEY.

  • Billybadass


     16 hours ago +1

    I Won't to here the candycoat version.

  • Roger Rice

    Roger Rice

     yesterday +2

    Shouldn't murder people and you wouldn't be on death row

  • fur io

    fur io


    I feel so blessed right know with my addictions in my shithole apartment

  • Keeping Up With Domonique

    Keeping Up With Domonique


    Is that a pet cat? You can have pets???

  • Cindy Lewis

    Cindy Lewis

     yesterday +1

    No sympathy for murderers. These are killers. They took the lives of other people. They need to be where they are.

  • The Guy

    The Guy


    The black guy who was sentenced at 15 is so articulate and well read for his circumstances. Crazy what so much free time can allow you to achieve. The guy never got passed a middle school education and he’s more well versed than most of America

  • Bot 13

    Bot 13

     yesterday +1

    And now reflect that 10% of them row inmates are probably innocent

  • Mingishere



    imagine have a life sentence.. and zombie apocalypse happens... and all inmate got released to fight the zombies

    38:00 what he said is true.. maybe there is hope

  • Mingishere


     2 days ago

    remember dont do drugs kids

  • david ford

    david ford

     2 days ago +6

    Why are these evil creatures living like kings. Some have rapped people to death and other are psychopathic killers. but yet they're siting in their sellers playing video games 4:30 pretty pathetic. It's sounds like death row is not to bad.

  • M worr

    M worr

     2 days ago

    I would love to put Mayor Pete Buttigieg in there with Mike sans "protection".

  • Karmen Letourneau

    Karmen Letourneau

     2 days ago

    The Barber creeps me out for some reason?! Definitely shouldn't be there that long for his crime though for sure. I feel he has served his time times two and it is sad. Was anyone hurt in the robbery? He didn't say murder and they trust him with scissors so makes me think he is safe to be released.

  • Enjela


     2 days ago

    They have nice big cells!

  • horste breedow

    horste breedow

     2 days ago +5

    Indiana and prison is like Wisconsin and cheese.

  • Johan Jules

    Johan Jules

     2 days ago +1

    The narrator is soo good in my ears ❤️😘❤️