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Carmelo Anthony & Chris Paul GO AT IT In SECRET Vegas Workout! 1 V 1s Get INTENSE 😱

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  • Published on:  Monday, July 30, 2018
  • KD film review w/Cole Anthony ►► bball practice #2 ►►'all want MERCH!? ►► hit up Melo and CP3's secret Vegas workout to see the new Rockets teammates working on their skills. They had an intense 1v1 game and both guys were getting into it! Y'all know CP3 got that lockdown defense, but Melo is a BULL in the post. Check out the FULL WORKOUT, the 1v1s are toward the end....Shout to Athletic Gains, KO and Irv Roland for inviting us out! Follow them on IG:Athletic Gains: Us On Social!---------------------------------Instagram:
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  • xDexWebb

     10 months ago

    Cp will make melo better

  • Playoff P

     2 months ago


  • clehooda northside

     3 months ago

    This didn’t age well

  • TimePrime

     10 months ago

    Chris Paul’s positioning and strength for his size is amazing. He defends like he’s way taller than 6’0 flat.

  • First name Last name

     3 months ago

    Delayne Fino At the combine he’s listed as 5’11 3/4 without shoes.

  • John doue Quebec

     4 months ago

    @Delayne Fino that makes it more impressive

  • jackass dumb

     10 months ago

    So secret it was recorded and thrown on YouTube lol

  • Wesley Bryant

     10 months ago

    Secrect because no-one else was invited. Some basketball workouts have 100 people in the gym

  • King Phil

     10 months ago

    secret because other players didn't know about it . Wow

  • Raptors Nation

     10 months ago

    if it weren't for CP3's injury they could've won that Championship

  • Troy Grant


    Fax nation

  • Siggie Tyrone

     a months ago

    lol this didn't age well.

  • Flooded

     10 months ago

    By the way melo move u can tell he need new ball joints and struts

  • Nunya Business

     9 months ago

    What he needs is less fat and more desire. He plays ball for fun, not to be great. He plays ball to take shots, not to win championships.Hes not a bad dude. But hes a joke if you are chasing championships. BENCHplayer

  • Memphis Smart Home Smart Home Pro

     10 months ago


  • Alex Reed

     10 months ago

    Carmelo is always a beast during summer smh

  • Heir Fang

     1 months ago

    @ElevatedRed "you have to know how to play them" so true so, u lost the argument wen u stated that.

  • ElevatedRed

     1 months ago

    @Heir Fang also this is from 9 months ago, I dont even remember wtf I was talking about. You're kinda late

  • uzernam3

     10 months ago

    Ever since he was in Denver i was a Melo fan and when he came to NYC i got to see him play at Madison Square Garden against Golden State. Carmelo needs a CP3 type as a teammate, it makes him a lot better. Im willing to bet Carmelo blows up this season in Houston.

  • Ballislife99

     24 days ago

    Well he almost blew Houston up but that's about it

  • Tom Yakubu

     10 months ago

    They really had to play Eminem's "No love" for Melo. Bro has rili bin disrespected by the NBA. I wish him the best this season.

  • Royal Teasley

     10 months ago

    Melo looking like he loves the game again. This season might be his rebirth.

  • Ballislife99

     24 days ago

    Big L

  • A Bathing Ape

     1 months ago


  • Abdul-Rashid Yakubu

     10 months ago

    I see Cp3 has picked up Harden's step back travel