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Esports: Inside the relentless training of professional gaming stars

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  • Published on:  Sunday, December 23, 2018
  • Professional, competitive video game playing—the phenomenon known as esports—has seen double digit growth for much of the past decade. With a massive following, many say it will soon become an official Olympic event. Throughout the U.S., high schools are launching competitive gaming clubs, and even some colleges are offering scholarships to top players.

    It’s a dream come true for professional esports players—traveling the world and paid salaries to play video games full time for a living.

    But as money continues to pour into the industry, the pressure on these young pros—many still in their teens—is leading to early burnout from high stress, repetitive stress injuries, and grueling practice schedules.

    In this episode of CBSN Originals, we follow pro esports players Doublelift (League of Legends) and Space (Overwatch) as they compete for glory, get an inside look at what it takes to be pro, and explore the risks many are taking to stay at the top.

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  • galactic lionspace

    galactic lionspace

     3 days ago +1

    I am good at csgo and I am 12 I get ace lol my dream is to join esport

  • Jordan


     4 days ago

    Connor goes to my school bruh

  • Johnathan Jacques

    Johnathan Jacques

     5 days ago

    I could have gotten into a professional call of duty team If I did not lose internet

  • TakiGames


     7 days ago

    Too bad I’m terrible at esport game genres. Shooters and strategy games aren’t my thing, esports should show some love to the gaming swordsmen something along the lines of hack n slash, monster hunter, and darksouls.

  • SpiceYourLife


     7 days ago

    Without a doubt League of Legends it's the king of E-Sports. I'ts like the soccer or football of gaming. Of course I'm not sayong the rest are bad or anything like that. It's just that League has manage to open wide the gates for E-sports in general.

  • Connor Panure

    Connor Panure

     7 days ago

    The only profession for people of autism

  • Swarndeep Goswami

    Swarndeep Goswami

     14 days ago +1

    My First Tournament WCG China 2007 Asia Qualifier since then i never look back to my career. Been part of WCG CS 1.6 for 4 years then started playing Dota 2. I am proud of my esports career and now when i am at early 30's if someone ask me whether i will do what i did with my career. I will say "Every single time".

    GG WP

  • Brandish


     14 days ago +3

    These ween balls need to get some more muscle mass and rest more. I bet they could do fine on 4 to 5 days a week. Mandatory days off. Also taking weeks off to totally reset. Longevity is key

  • Alexander Cvitkovic

    Alexander Cvitkovic

     21 days ago

    So much snark in the comments. This was a great documentary, a really respectful and faithful representation of esports. The gamer mom part was really funny and stupid tho

  • Mr Cruzih2000

    Mr Cruzih2000

     21 days ago

    and it has more followers

  • Mr Cruzih2000

    Mr Cruzih2000

     21 days ago

    fgc makes more

  • StingerPrime


     28 days ago

    My man at 12:02 playing war thunder

  • Jame Andy

    Jame Andy

     a months ago

    Feel horrific for Space... Valiant actually did no longer win a sport in the 2nd season of Overwatch League. two Lost to the Shanghai Im fantastically certain

  • Cynthia Bao

    Cynthia Bao

     a months ago +3

    Found this after watching the Kings avatar, so interesting!

  • Ilya Liviz

    Ilya Liviz

     a months ago

    So awesome!

  • eagle Adam

    eagle Adam

     a months ago

    They are all Asians. Wow. Video games love Asians.

  • rich 88527

    rich 88527

     a months ago +1

    My middle school is doing esports. Only game i really like is overwatch and league of legends

  • rich 88527

    rich 88527

     a months ago

    Lol mans was calling out the bots in training mode

  • Ivan


     a months ago +1

    What are some top 5 teams across the big games where their players don’t live together? I’m really curious about this, whether or not “living together” is conducive to winning.

  • allelbows97


     a months ago

    the super bowl of e-Sports...…...aka "worlds biggest virgin -convention"