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Cardi B - Press [Official Music Video]

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, June 26, 2019
  • Cardi B - PressStream/Download: Merch Drop! Shop the collection now: for more official content from Cardi B: Cardi Bhttp://cardibofficial.com Jora Frantzis Producer: Jay TauzinExec Porducer: Kareem JohnsonProd Co: OverScene SVP of Marketing: Marsha St. Hubert Digital Marketing: Anthony DePadua & Justin GrantThe official YouTube channel of Atlantic Records artist Cardi B. Subscribe for the latest music videos, performances, and more.
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  • Forbidden Lyrics

    Forbidden Lyrics

     1 months ago +12481

    YouTube: no nudity is allowed here
    Cardi:hold my nipples

  • Btalk


     2 days ago +782

    Stylist: what dress 👗 would you like?
    Cardi: dress dress dress dress dress Cardi don’t need no dress

  • Alpha• Oмеgа

    Alpha• Oмеgа

     2 days ago +391

    So everyones gonna talk about nudity and not about how creepy it is that she killed like almost every girl in this video....😱

  • Orestis Marink

    Orestis Marink

     2 days ago +351

    I am in ponhub or at the YouTube

  • Couryn Branch

    Couryn Branch

     2 days ago +129

    I didn't expect that, I'm shook.

  • Mike Henderson

    Mike Henderson

     1 months ago +12948

    You're actually a savage if you press read more

    Now you have great luck forever :) Thumbs up to activate 😊
    Edit: Wow y’all the best ever 2.8k likes . 😂😂 Thanks it’s greatly appreciated

  • Hacker Hacker

    Hacker Hacker

     yesterday +120

    My house :Ding Dong.
    Me whispering : Must be the whip that I ordered....
    My mom What ?
    Me :nothing ...

  • Kelvin Riddick

    Kelvin Riddick

     7 days ago +2666

    Cardi: Nudity but without nipples
    YouTube: Y’all see sumn?

  • It's me Boulder

    It's me Boulder

     2 days ago +107

    Cardi b music: exists
    Eveyone on the dislike button: 1:44

  • Xxx_WolfieTree 101

    Xxx_WolfieTree 101

     7 days ago +1136

    YouTube: NO NUDITY!
    Cardi B: hold Kulture

  • Crazy Cat

    Crazy Cat

     1 months ago +13680

    This song makes me wanna fight with the tree outside

  • Dj Chris

    Dj Chris

     7 days ago +1879

    “Ding dong,
    Must be the whip that I ordered”
    ”No this is Patrick”

  • Crystal Lopez

    Crystal Lopez

     2 days ago +84

    How she reloaded the gun with her finger on the trigger🤦‍♀️

  • TV Braćersi !!

    TV Braćersi !!

     yesterday +43

    Finally a video that the whole family can watch

  • Jan S I

    Jan S I

     7 days ago +772

    Cardi: No nipples = family friendly
    YouTube: that sounds nice to me

  • piccolo


     1 months ago +26488

    YouTube out here pretending to be blind when they saw this video

  • Jam Joyohoy

    Jam Joyohoy

     yesterday +30

    Ok from the top!!!

  • WIAI


     23 hours ago +8

    Who Wanders About Cardi b and offsets relationship?

  • dark slayer 11

    dark slayer 11

     7 days ago +324

    Cardi b:ding dong must be the the wip that I order
    Me:ding dong must be the pizza I ordered

  • Von Johnson

    Von Johnson

     13 hours ago +9

    Like damnnnnnn....Cardi really is a savage savage.😈😈😈
    Who agrees