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  • Published on:  Sunday, November 10, 2019
  • For as long as I have lived here I have been so deeply fascinated by these sounds. If you have been following me for some time you might have heard me talk about this before.
    The sound of the ice is among the most beautiful and magical sounds I know, and I also believe that the sound can have a very healing effect on humans.

    The singing ice can remind us of the sounds that the whales use to communicate with each other . And just like the ice, most of the sounds are such low frequency that you can not even hear it. Only barely feel it.

    It also reminds many people of the sounds that can be heard from inside womb. Maybe thats why it has such a calming effect on many people?

    So, my recordings is only giving you a little part of the magical feeling you get from the singing ice. The sounds in my video can't represent the whole feeling of being out on the ice and hear and FEEL the sounds. But at least I hope to give you a little glimpse of these musical concerts by the ice.

    Let me now if you like it or not! :)


    ► Here is the new 2 hour long ICE SOUND VIDEO from the sounds of this years singing ice :

    ► You can check out our two new jewelry designs (necklace and earrings) inspired by the ice:

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  • aesthetic rose

    aesthetic rose

     26 minutes ago +1

    cries in near equator country

  • Rice Krispy

    Rice Krispy

     36 minutes ago

    Does anyone know what the bloop is? It kinda sounds like this

  • John Rogers

    John Rogers

     an hour ago

    Job 37:10
    By the breath of God the ice is formed and the watery expanses are frozen.

  • long peen

    long peen

     an hour ago

    man this bitch is corny

  • Edward Kenway

    Edward Kenway

     an hour ago

    Magical sound by magical creature

  • Mariana Rebouças

    Mariana Rebouças

     an hour ago

    She remembers me of Aurora

  • Just Someone

    Just Someone

     an hour ago

    "It excites my spirit" poses for the camera

  • Aliya Grimes

    Aliya Grimes

     2 hours ago +1

    It’s Elsa “iNtO tHe UnKoWn”

  • Kate's Vlogs

    Kate's Vlogs

     3 hours ago

    You have so mysterious life hmmmm?

  • Karol MiCha

    Karol MiCha

     3 hours ago +1

    Nossa ...

  • стереоветер


     4 hours ago +1

    The quality of the video is astonishing! And how you feel the magic of this world.. It's beautiful.

  • Snoopy :/

    Snoopy :/

     4 hours ago +1


  • Sally's Garden

    Sally's Garden

     5 hours ago

    Your depth love for nature is so fascinating, I love your voice, you have a unique perception in life, I like it.

  • Sanne Gunes

    Sanne Gunes

     6 hours ago

    beautiful video

  • 1k Subscribers with no videos

    1k Subscribers with no videos

     6 hours ago

    Lick it I dare you

  • Gemini tarot lover

    Gemini tarot lover

     7 hours ago

    ???: what’s your favorite kind of music?

    Her: it’s complicated....

  • Bianca Partridge

    Bianca Partridge

     8 hours ago


    Not a single soul:

    My stomach making the sound:

  • Yavor Daskaloff

    Yavor Daskaloff

     9 hours ago

    Try skipping stones on the ice. It creates a magical sound too.

  • tyasha walters

    tyasha walters

     12 hours ago

    how does she even have wifi or data???

  • Emma C

    Emma C

     12 hours ago

    Video: beautiful, moving masterpiece
    Comments: Frozen Two