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Parkour Experts Try to Keep Up With Gymnasts | SELF

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, November 12, 2019
  • You've seen gymnasts try their hand at parkour, well what about the other way around? We challenged a group of traceurs to try to keep up with some gymnasts! These athletes take the ultimate test and see if their endurance and strength are enough to keep up!

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    Parkour Experts Try to Keep Up With Gymnasts | SELF
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  • SELF


     1 months ago +1834

    We hear that you want to see snowboarders try to keep up with surfers, and we'll see what we can cook up in the coming months! Up next though? Figure skaters and... can you guess?

  • Robin Elizabeth

    Robin Elizabeth

     3 minutes ago

    Buddy literally EATS IT @ 5:40

  • Mikan San

    Mikan San

     5 minutes ago

    Okay, but can the gymnasts keep up with parkourists (doing Parkour, running)

  • Møth


     an hour ago

    About 15 years

  • Midnite St0rm

    Midnite St0rm

     an hour ago +1

    There! I watched it. Now gtfo my recommended.

  • DeluxoNet


     an hour ago

    Why... do they use....


  • Jody's Random Stuff

    Jody's Random Stuff

     4 hours ago

    7:57 Go Naruto!

  • Raph


     6 hours ago

    Gymnastics comes down to form and grace, whereas parkour is (mostly) focused on practicality.

    It's kind of like comparing most martial arts (which are restricted by specific rules) to a combat system like Krav Maga (no rules).
    Much like parkour, it can't be applied in a competition setting since it's pretty much defined by its lack of rules. All about results.

  • Dr. Deb Sutradhar

    Dr. Deb Sutradhar

     7 hours ago

    bruh....... that 4th challenge had me scared shitless..... these guys must have balls of steel for doing that one without any crotch guard.......

  • mrsniper12333


     8 hours ago

    i love it that they just think "why do that when you can flip over it" for the front handspring

  • Nathan Wall

    Nathan Wall

     13 hours ago

    Why are they making them do WAG? it's 4 guys theyre already at a disadvantage cause they wont be as flexible :/

  • Noelle Abra

    Noelle Abra

     14 hours ago

    All I see is poor form, just like cross fit ppl doing Olympic lifting. Serious injuries are for sure coming soon. And when I say serious, I don't mean deadly, but knee and shoulder surgeries for sure

  • Black Zeus

    Black Zeus

     17 hours ago

    Why are they having the guys do girl's gymnastics?

  • Sami W.

    Sami W.

     18 hours ago

    0:51 well...what are you swinging so much 4 XD

  • alican sert

    alican sert

     19 hours ago

    7:57 naruto ?

  • Paris H

    Paris H

     19 hours ago

    You can tell when they get to the uneven bars that these guys want to mantle onto it instead of keep their legs straight and it's messing with their heads xD

  • l u

    l u

     20 hours ago +1

    Ok, but why is Mike so hot? Like, who gave him the right?!

  • Corey Faith

    Corey Faith

     20 hours ago

    How can you even compare gymnastics with garbage parkour

  • Joe Melton

    Joe Melton

     20 hours ago

    Would be great to see some spotting
    Injuries aren't fun

  • Kristie Salazar

    Kristie Salazar

     21 hours ago

    Litttt 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼😂😂😂