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963Hz + 852Hz + 639Hz | Miracle Tones | Activate Pineal Gland | Open Third Eye | Heal Heart Chakra

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  • Published on:  Saturday, March 17, 2018
  • 963Hz + 852Hz + 639Hz | Miracle Tones | Activate Pineal Gland | Open Third Eye | Heal Heart Chakra

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  • marli buzutti

    marli buzutti

     2 hours ago

    Gratidão por esse vídeo... Namastê 😘😍🤗

  • 김택균


     5 hours ago


  • Koinzell Ascheriit

    Koinzell Ascheriit

     7 hours ago

    Y'all are super gay

  • Cm Me

    Cm Me

     15 hours ago

    Sending love to everyone watching this. You are powerful...you are loved ❤️

  • Jerome Richardson

    Jerome Richardson

     15 hours ago

    This is so beautiful,while listening my right ear is ringing a divine message is signaling me letting me know I am on the right path and to keep going. peace and blessings to you all. All praise and Glory to the most High our spiritual Father.

  • jameswarmy


     16 hours ago

    I can still hear it even though I turned it off , love and understanding to each and everyone

  • Spiritual Realities

    Spiritual Realities

     16 hours ago

    Man actually possesses Seven Sense Organs with the two most ignored because they're not active being called the Pituitary gland and the Pineal gland activated by vibratory manifestations. Allegories of these Seven Sense Organs can be found (In the book of Revelations of the bible as follows: seven seals, seven vials, seven angels, seven heads, seven crowns, seven golden candlesticks, seven lamps, seven last plagues, seven sounding trumpets, seven churches, seven stars, seven Spirits of God, and of course the seven chakra centers). Also, the seventh foundation of the new Jerusalem city was made of the precious stone Chrysolite or Christ's Light (meaning Crystallized Light) So with this being said, Let your lights (cosmic maturity) also Crystallize before man. Namaste!!!!!!!

  • Gen'kalovesmakeup


     17 hours ago

    I need a miracle ❤️ please I need peace and clarity love and peace to all!

  • Furkan Taşlıca

    Furkan Taşlıca

     19 hours ago

    gerçek çakra bu değil

  • Brown eye Girl

    Brown eye Girl


    Love and Light to everyone here. Blessings 🙏

  • adriana tedesco

    adriana tedesco


    Leggendo tutti questi meravigliosi e commoventi commenti ho capito che in verità c'è tanto amore nel mondo. Grazie a tutti di cuore. Che Dio vi benedica

  • olivier ausselet

    olivier ausselet


    It's never too late to learn that we are all one, and that we are never really alone no matter how lonely we feel.

  • Byrd is the Word

    Byrd is the Word


    Stay humble in this jungle

  • Soy Gonzalez

    Soy Gonzalez


    New Subscriber.
    Sending love right back.

  • Damian Cawood

    Damian Cawood


    The universe is friendly to me. Life is a miracle unfolding 🙏🥰

  • Muhammad Alkreem

    Muhammad Alkreem


    Cj miles

  • Steffi Prillinger

    Steffi Prillinger


    Alles kommt, alles geht.
    Alles fällt, alles steht.
    Alles rast, alles ruht,
    Alles böse, alles gut.

    Life - i love you.

  • krishna rajan

    krishna rajan


    Everything that's me
    belongs to THEE.🙏🙏🙏

  • Lavender Violet

    Lavender Violet

     2 days ago

    dear creator, I pray:
    that I may always and forever,

    on every level, and in every way,

    be free
    of the fear, the rage, the guilt, the loneliness, the poverty,

    and the depression

    that's been ruling my life.

    thank you.


  • Giulia Paolucci

    Giulia Paolucci

     2 days ago

    something happens, whatever, I can't take it anymore, I rely on you