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1 Year Airflow Experiment - The Stunning Conclusion

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, February 27, 2018
  • Our 1 year airflow experiment FINALLY comes to it's stunning conclusion - this stuff, it's dusty.

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  • Leo Foenerro

    Leo Foenerro

     7 hours ago

    ya'll just need 3 cats and 1 month.

  • Ben


     13 hours ago

    The one with the Innys probably didn't have a lot of air flow around the CPU so I wonder how the CPU temps would have been, because people watching might think oh all IN seems to work, but don't realize the lack of proper circulation may kind of solve the dust problem but it doesn't solve the cooling problem which is the main reason for having fans in the first place :)

  • Tool Dry Boon

    Tool Dry Boon

     14 hours ago

    If u wanted to see a 3 year old pc collecting dust u Just had to call me! I have one right on!

  • Sooo What

    Sooo What


    You should have seen my rad from my h80i GT!!!

  • Waffle6



    uhhhh hypertonic isotonic hypotonic.

  • Hrisi


     2 days ago

    Conclusion: Just clean your PC every 6 months.

  • Travis Belgarde

    Travis Belgarde

     2 days ago

    Try using an air purifier system, with an ionizer option if you want, for $40-$80 in the room with your PC and you can reduce your dust quite a bit. I've never used a mini-sized or desktop ones, but the taller $80 versions work good. We have one in our living room as well and its amazing how much less dust we have to clean off of our electronics and shelves. As someone who isn't a clean freak, I just enjoy not having to clean as much in general.

  • Sage The Eagle

    Sage The Eagle

     2 days ago

    Oooofff.... Tunnel Bear.

  • lilliputti 21

    lilliputti 21

     2 days ago

    Linus tibs

  • PaperBoat


     3 days ago

    Send those machines to India and see what happens...😌

  • RisenFlow


     3 days ago

    I love this channel🤣👍🏻
    Personally, I got the inner betweeny setup and it draws a lot of fine dust into the case. I've got an nzxt phantom 410 with 2 fans In the front, 2upper ones and 1 at the back, but it is cooling a lot!

  • Arzt


     3 days ago

    the experiment was done poorly, but the conclusions out of the results are still useful thanks

  • goodgamer navi

    goodgamer navi

     3 days ago

    You know I haven't cleaned my computer in 8 years then again

  • doltBmB


     3 days ago

    The inbetweeny is positive pressure because of more intake.

  • Gary Kindt

    Gary Kindt

     3 days ago

    It should always be in thru the filters and just a single outy at the top or rear. That way there is (still) a positive pressure on the 'inside the PC' intakes of the graphics card, which all output at the rear. That reduces the GPU card's fan load as it increases the airflow thru it as well. Then, RULE #2 is CLEAN, CLEAN, CLEAN. Get to know your PC's environment. Check the filters every two weeks. Still looks clean, spread the check time out to a month. Develop a cleaning regimen that matches with how dusty you found them to be in your initial environmental assessments you were making as you spread the check times out to note just how long it takes for that particular PC's filters to muck up. The bad scenario is after they muck up, the dirt gets in through cracks, etc. or by way of bypassing the filter media such that flow is reduced, heat is increased on those items you wish to cool and cleaning moves from the filters to the interior of the PC. Ooops, dust is now inside. Clean filters will make that time frame longer before the patina of dust requires a full heat sink tine brushing, Dustin'-n-cleanin' of the entire case interior. Most of the cases which include filtration usually make for easy servicing access so that no disassembly of the internals is required. Given that a well made fast PC should have a 5 year or more lifespan, a few cleanings inside should be all that is needed if the as designed filtration is kept clean. In some environments, like a small office, a floor standing air cleaner in the room is good for the PC AND the user. Point its output at the PC. :-)

  • Fomushi Mboni

    Fomushi Mboni

     4 days ago

    boys will be boys on the blackboard 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  • adonian


     4 days ago

    I know this was/is an older video but it was very helpful for me building my kids gaming pc’s. Thanks.

  • Riddlemethis


     4 days ago

    I love Lukes Chinese safety boots

  • jshowa o

    jshowa o

     4 days ago

    It's funny, the conventional wisdom is that positive pressure is supposed to remove dust from inside the case. But the positive pressure case is looks more dusty, but that may be just the camera...

  • Thomas Gonzalez leyro

    Thomas Gonzalez leyro

     4 days ago

    if linus ever sees my pc hes gonna have a heart attack