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jeffree star ending careers and dragging makeup brands in 5 minutes

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  • Published on:  Thursday, August 16, 2018
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  • Lauren Jones

     21 days ago

    Says jefree Stars makeup is clown makeup - casually worth $500 million

  • Claris Liau

     8 hours ago


  • Olivia Cariani

     16 hours ago

    @Itsxcarlett fam $27 for a concealer that everyone love's? 😂😂$27...BUT IT'S NOT OVER PRICED?Good God,are u all stupid? U children want look like him when u are adult's? What u love about him? His super eyebrown,the princess diana tatoo on his leg? Looking like a drag queen?U are so stupid to buy concealer from him,when u could buy YSL,Channel,Nina Ricci etc.for that money?No wonder every idiot can make money those day's when u are all nut's! 😂😂

  • Shea Crymble

     21 days ago

    Can’t relate, I own my own company

  • cheeto dawson



  • katsuki fucking bakugou

     5 days ago


  • Marwa Hashimi

     24 days ago

    YouTube is shady.

  • Queen Dionysus

     3 hours ago

    @bitch • tea sis

  • kaeIDIOT BAKAmatsu

     6 days ago

    @holy he fans didnt, he did. Yes, he cant control his fans but when you have millions of followers, you should be more careful. He made false accusations. His fans proceed to stroke his big ego. James video exposing Tati and Jeffree is my most loved video, as it shows people with millions of followes can still be liars 🤷‍♀️

  • evil bunny

     19 days ago


  • 2ne1 snatched my weave BeaCaUSe thEY dId

     7 hours ago

    *Y O U R E S T I L L C O N C E R N E D W I T H M E*

  • •grαч mєmσrч•

     5 days ago

    you're still concerned with me?yOuRe StIlL cOnCeRnEd WiTh Me?*yOuRe StIlL cOnCeRnEd WiTh Me?*

  • hale

     26 days ago

    youtube is recommending again...

  • katsuki fucking bakugou

     5 days ago

    And I luv it :3

  • Percabeth Lover

     11 days ago


  • sav dt

     20 days ago

    “hi it evaporated, WIG” is one of the funniest things ever

  • ruby

     12 days ago

    im you. but better.

  • Maribel

     15 days ago

    *w i g*

  • Savannah Shenouda

     22 days ago

    "Oh it looks like a little piece of dooky" Jeffree Star 2018Edit 1: 2.3k likes? Oof...but tysm

  • Yeet skeet UWU

     8 days ago

    Savannah Shenouda 2.7 now... OoooooOOOooooOOof

  • keons

     14 days ago

    Savannah Shenouda deadass looked like a Vienna sausage

  • Isa Marin

     21 days ago

    "It just sucks that people that are litteraly almost twice my age are degrading me" so ironic😂

  • Brandon Becker


    @Camilla K because he got exposed

  • Mariam Wael

     3 days ago

    I love how he said that then bullies a 16 year old

  • Tammy L. Faulkner

     21 days ago

    Well, at lrast he's being honest. I did agree with him on that highlighter... $95 a not even a little glow? Yeah no.

  • katsuki fucking bakugou

     5 days ago

    EXACTLY ;-;

  • Sugary Sweets

     14 days ago

    @pink unicorn lmao, even a worn out marker can do better, too.

  • Yung Mutt

     17 days ago

    If you listen closely in the distance you can hear jeffree saying "YOU'RE STILL CONCERNED WITH ME"

  • kailey

     16 days ago