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TSL Plays: Extreme 5-Second Rule!

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  • Published on:  Friday, August 23, 2019
  • The previous edition of 5-Second Rule wasn't stressful enough, so we made it worse.

    Renae Cheng - https://instagram.com/renaecjc
    Kimberly Lauren Wong - https://instagram.com/elliesheananigans
    Chris Soh - https://instagram.com/sohchris
    Charmaine Sew - https://instagram.com/charmainesew
    Julian Reyes - https://instagram.com/joel_s
    John Lim - https://instagram.com/johnjohnah
    Amanda Feng - https://instagram.com/amandalpaca

    Produced and Edited by:
    Rianna Mostafa - https://instagram.com/riannatm

    Filmed by:
    Rianna Mostafa
    Estee Woo - https://instagram.com/esteewoo
    Kristie Teo - https://instagram.com/kristiekarelle

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/dh--_lYDmo4


  • TheSmartLocal


     28 days ago +217

    So... is Poot Poot an acceptable pet name or nah

  • IvyBcis Layla

    IvyBcis Layla

     3 days ago +1

    Renae is just the MVP in every 5 seconds game. The normal and extreme. And the team that have Kim and Renae always Win!

  • Sean Will

    Sean Will

     6 days ago +1

    i sense a ship. does Ranae have the hots for Bolin?

  • Fearing Fire

    Fearing Fire

     21 days ago


  • xXzeroDXx


     21 days ago +2

    It was at 8:07, that split second is when John realized than Bolin is hotter than him in the eyes of Renea

  • Malwin Singh

    Malwin Singh

     21 days ago

    Hilarious episode. Pls have more without Fauzi. Can’t stand it when he chews with his mouth open.

  • Nur Namira

    Nur Namira

     21 days ago +6

    u guys shld make a vid SGTRY making Tiktok! its rlly gonna be funny

  • Gacha Hanelle XD

    Gacha Hanelle XD

     21 days ago +2

    Hey Smart Local. So today I was at Dhoby Ghaut And I Saw Alison,Xenia And I tHiNk also Sew.I saw them and stare at Alison When she Stare back at me like she was confused. I was wanting to take a picture with them but I was nervous so I didn’t. I wish I did 😭

  • Dominick Soh

    Dominick Soh

     21 days ago +2

    where did the old timers like jon, chuan, q and joyce went?

  • Young S

    Young S

     21 days ago

    just so yall know john and xenia are " engaged " if u got see their ig story last time

  • anisha chandrasekar

    anisha chandrasekar

     21 days ago +4

    Can’t believe i kept laughing continuously for 8 mins 😂😂😂

  • vieon lee

    vieon lee

     21 days ago

    who else had the deliveroo advertisement with Timotheus from TSL talent search before the video?

  • Nameless Jr

    Nameless Jr

     21 days ago

    Omg kim is back

  • C


     21 days ago +4

    Renae is so annoying

  • LucDemon


     21 days ago

    When are you guys going to hired I want to join

  • A R I E L

    A R I E L

     28 days ago +4


  • Viewfrom.J


     28 days ago +5

    Broken Telephone Part 3 Please!

  • Bangtan Army

    Bangtan Army

     28 days ago

    Doo doo means boobs in our Country

  • Hui Ting

    Hui Ting

     28 days ago +2

    Anyone knows where to get kim's cardigan?

  • 费启鸣的公主


     28 days ago +3

    dear john i would love to be your girlfriend
    self proclaimed poot poot toot toot and doo doo